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Poet, storyteller, musician, project manager, accidental voice artist.

BOOM! The #PoetryForAll #anthology has landed! Printed using #recycled materials by Inky Little Fingers and published by Allographic Press in association with Stairwell Books. So chuffed about this! (Please note that I am disabled and I deliberately reclaim an otherwise derogatory word used about us in this video.) You'll be able to order them online soon, or buy some at our #accessible event on Friday. If you pledged for the "Anthologised" reward on our #crowdfunder , you'll be getting one already! #unboxing
Hey heyyyyy! Part of the fundraising for #PoetryForAll was to allow us to pay production costs for the #merchandise , which is starting to arrive. Last week we had badges, today we have notebooks from A Local Printer (literally their name - they specialise in really good quality products made entirely from #recycled materials). You'll be able to order them online soon, or buy some at our #accessible event on Friday in York (https://poetryforall.eventbrite.co.uk for details) which will be recorded and livestreamed. #unboxing
Did an #audition ! Right here in the Duvet Fort. Not going to tell you what for just yet because I'm not sure whether I'm allowed. First time auditioning in real time for voice acting, but hopefully not the last. (Don't worry, we worked out the microphone thing for the second reading... Zoom, eh?) Turns out that files uploaded to TikTok from my computer won't add #subtitles , so had to get creative! #voice acting #voiceacting #voiceactor #voiceactorlife #diy
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