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Fat Cap Sprays


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In the summer, on my usual spot hunting mission across London, I found a boarded up broken window outside the Crisis shop in Dalston. I painted an Eeyore piece from Winnie The Pooh which went viral online and the window took longer to fix than expected, which increased the shelf life of the painting. The @crisis_uk team reached out to see if I was interested in working together to raise awareness of homelessness. Anyone living in a major city across the UK will already be aware of how bad the problem already is, and rising.

On Monday, I set off in 6 inches of snow to go and paint their brand new store in Brick Lane. I was frozen before I’d even arrived, with it being one of the coldest days this year.. anyway I persisted! I couldn’t feel my hands or my feet.

At the end of the day I headed home to warm up. Not everyone is that fortunate. I spend hours on the streets of East London and every day meet and see many homeless people. Its not just the people you see in the streets, but the invisable homeless that are sofa surfing at friends and families, unable to get permanent stability. 300,000 households across Great Britain could be forced into homelessness next year because of the rising cost of living and the economic and social impacts of the pandemic, as well as various other problems going on that seem to keep stacking up. Shocking isn't it!

I’ve donated limited edition prints to Crisis and will be available to purchase in the Brick Lane store, which will be opening tomorrow! There will also be some Tote bags as well as T shirts coming soon.

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Pika Pika 🐭⚡️

Mirrored fat cap neon flares between two houses

Big up
@sebastianblake27 for organising this spot and looking after me during my recent visit to Leeds.

Looking forward to travelling around the UK next year to drop some more pieces 🎨

You can see and hear in the first 10 seconds the rain tapping away. It made for quite a nice ASMR aspect but horrible to paint in 😂 I finished up the next morning when it was cleared up.

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