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Amanda Nigg | Farm Fitness


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Farm Fit Training

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🌧️ Back in the beginning of August, we had ourselves one heck of a muddy adventure.

The rainstorm that hit just before? Well, we decided to take full advantage of it. Video clips will show you the three-wheeler action, and the boys having a blast in their kid-sized Polaris Razor. Muddy mess everywhere – and we loved every bit of it! 🏞️

But, fast forward to yesterday, and we got slammed with another 3.5 inches of rain. Now, we're in harvest mode, so no more digging up those back roads with our mud-loving machines. Gotta keep 'em roads intact!

The rain didn't spoil our fun, though. We shifted gears and went for some basketball and football in the yard. It was a tad soggy out there, but that just added to the fun. Is anyone up for a little slip-and-slide? 🏀🏈🌧️

These moments remind us of the importance of family time, no matter the weather or the activity.

Speaking of weather, if you're in the Midwest, I'm curious to know how much rain you got lately. Share your rainy-day stories with us in the comments below. 🌧️☔

#MidwestRainfall #FamilyFun #MuddyAdventures #RainyDayGames #QualityTime #MakingMemories #familyfarm #farmkids
I know the importance of maintaining a balanced diet even when life gets crazy and you find yourself at a gas station without your trusty meal prep. 🚗💨

Fear not! I've got you covered with some healthier gas station grab options that are high in protein and won't sabotage your fitness goals. 🥦🥜🥩

Here are some of my go-to snacks:

1️⃣ YOGURT: Chobani yogurt - A delicious and creamy source of protein.
2️⃣ PROTEIN DRINK: FairLife Core Power - The ultimate protein-packed drink for on-the-go.
3️⃣ PROTEIN BARS: One Protein Bar & Quest Protein Bar - Satisfying your sweet tooth while keeping your protein intake on point.
4️⃣ NUT PACKS: Blue Diamond Almonds - A crunchy and satisfying protein-packed snack.
5️⃣ Jerky - Lean and mean, a classic protein-rich choice.
6️⃣ Beef Sticks + Cheese by Jack Links - A savory and protein-packed combo.
7️⃣ FRESH SNACK PACKS: Peanut Butter Strawberry Snack Tray - A delightful blend of protein and sweetness.
8️⃣ MEAT + CHEESE PACK: Olli Salumeria - 13g of mouthwatering protein in a convenient snack pack.

So, next time you're on the road and hunger strikes, remember these healthier choices to keep you fueled and energized! 💪

But wait, there's more coming your way! Stay tuned for an exciting announcement.

Here's the deal: I've put together a FREE guide with 9 killer tips for fat loss that will take your fitness journey to the next level! 📈

Ready to transform your body and health? Click the link in my bio to download your FREE guide now.

Your fitness goals are within reach, and I'm here to help you crush them! 💯

What are some of your High-Protein Grabs from Gas Stations? COMMENT BELOW 👇

#FitnessJourney #ProteinPower #HealthyEating #GasStationGrabs #StayFueled #FarmFit #FarmwifeLife
Guess what, folks? The countdown is ON, and we’re gearing up to rock the Nation’s Largest Outdoor Farm Event next week– the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL! 🚜🌱

Get ready for innovation, inspiration, and a surprise that’s about to blow your socks off! Frankly, that’s who we are in FFT!

🌟 First Stop is with Case IH to kick off the week with a bang. Who knows, there might even be tractors involved! 🤷🏻‍♀️

But here’s the twist – we’re not just diving into farming talk. The whole coaching squad at
@Farm Fit Training is on a mission of bridging the gap between physical and mental health in the Ag community. Something special is happening…

Don’t worry we will keep you updated with announcements – and It’s all happening this week! 📢

So gear up and let’s celebrate agriculture and the amazing people behind it. Let’s make memories, share stories, and redefine farming greatness together.

Hope to see you at the Farm Progress Show, where the adventure take place and conversations begin.

Who’s going to the Farm Progress Show?

#FPShowAdventures #HarvestingGreatness #FarmFit #FarmFitTraining #FarmStrength
👟 Embracing my 99% workout wear life, because confidence empowers any outfit!

Yet, when the moment arises to dress up, I step in radiating unwavering self-assurance!

No more frantic last-minute shape-ups. Envision a life woven with enduring changes, where your authenticity shines!

No shortcuts, just the unwavering commitment to growth – the heart of Farm Fit Training’s philosophy.

💥 Imagine waking up each day, loving the skin you’re in, not just on special occasions.

If I can embody it, believe me, so can you! We don’t do ‘Quick Fixes’ around here.

We transform an individual’s journey to unshakeable confidence so that you can continue to see results, adapt to BUSY ‘Ag’ lifestyles, and let their individual authenticity shine BRIGHT.

🔥 Exciting announcement: Our highly sought-after 1:1 coaching spots are now OPEN for the final round this year!

Subscribers to our newsletter secure exclusive early access – don’t let this opportunity slip away!

Eager to immerse yourself in our vibrant FB community? While it makes its public debut this Wednesday, our insiders in Farm Fit Training Blueprint on FB will have a chance to apply tomorrow.

👫👬 Farm Fit Training stands as a welcoming for women, men, and powerful couples – a transformational journey we embark upon together!

Let’s captivate enduring change as a united force.

Confidence in your skin doesn’t need to happen only for ‘special occasions’ it can be everyday…

Day One 👈 One Day

It’s your choice, choose wisely 💋

#ConfidentEveryday #FarmFitLifestyle #LastingChange #1on1Coaching #JoinTheCommunity #FarmFitTraining #FarmStrength #FarmFit

📸 some special photos by Isabella Martin Photography
🌱 Let’s dive into a game-changer that’s going to rock your world – shifting from struggle to sky-high success, just like we do on the farm.

Remember those days battling with soil secrets? Hours slipped away, doubts crept in. Then came our rockstar problem-solvers – the agronomists. 🌾

✨ No guesswork, just solutions.

Now, let’s infuse that same magic into our fitness journey.

Picture this: Your fitness coach – your personal agronomist for your body and growth. Check this out:

🌟 Tailored Triumph: Think of them as your field whisperer, crafting a plan just for YOU.

💪 Speed of Gains: No detours, just express routes. Coaches know the shortcuts to your dreams.

🔥 Ignited Motivation: Need a push? They’re your relentless cheer squad, igniting your fire.

🥑 Food Uncomplicated: Say goodbye to food confusion. Coaches guide you to fueling your body, stress-free.

🧘‍♀️ Form Perfected: Like agronomists spotting issues, coaches refine your moves for perfection.

⏰ Time Multiplier: No more trial and error. Coaches hold the map to results.

Imagine this – just like agronomists ensure flourishing harvests, coaches elevate your fitness journey.

No stumbling, just soaring. 🏆

Ready to unleash your full potential?

Applications open up Sunday, but here’s the scoop: Drop a 💪 below or DM me right now, and you’ll score a prime spot on the special list – the FIRST to apply hours earlier!

It’s a race to success, and you’re in pole position. Let’s ignite that expert magic and rise stronger, together.

#SkipToSuccess #FitnessAgronomist #ExpertGuidanceWins #FarmFit #FarmFitness #homefitness #tiktokagriculture

🎥 @Nick Arvold
FarmFest Plank Challenge Fun! 🌽🚜

We had an absolute blast at FarmFest in Minnesota, taking on the plank challenge with the amazing Kibble John Deere employees! 💪😄

We started with Minute to Win It, but you know what? Embracing the failures and turning them into triumphs made it even more exciting!

🎙️ A special shoutout and big thanks to Kibble Sam for inviting us to his upcoming podcast!

We can't wait to share more inspiring and entertaining stories soon! Stay tuned! 🎧

Planking is a deceptively simple movement, but it's a FULL-BODY KILLER! 🔥🔥 It targets your core, arms, shoulders, back, and legs – talk about a powerhouse workout!

And here's the thing – fitness doesn't need to be complicated!

Our focus at Farm Fit Training is quick, effective, and FUN workouts that anyone can enjoy!

But you know what made today even better? The power of connection! 💕 When you're surrounded by an amazing group, fitness becomes an adventure filled with laughter and support! 🌟

Together, we push limits and celebrate every moment!

Join the Farm Fit Training family and let's make fitness fun, motivating, and personable!

Drop a 🚜 in the comments if you're up for the challenge, and let's crush our goals together! I’ll send you a SPECIAL link to know when we open up!

#FarmFestPlankChallenge #KibbleJohnDeere #FarmFitTraining #FitnessFun #SupportiveCommunity #FitnessFamily #MotivatedAndFit #FarmFest2023 #MinnesotaFun #FitnessAdventure #InstagramReel #FitnessJourney
Who needs a fancy gym when you've got the dynamic energy of a farm at your disposal?

Let's turn this beautiful land into our ultimate fitness sanctuary!

It's time to rock your workout world with the "K.I.S.S." (Keep It Simple, Stupid) methodology and unleash the farm fitness fun like never before! No complicated equipment needed, just your determination and a dash of creativity! 🏋️‍♀️

💥 We believe in NO LIMITS! No need for high-tech gear; elite physiques are sculpted with bodyweight magic. Together, we'll kick excuses to the curb and get down to serious farm business!

🌿 Embrace Nature's Playground: Let's crush our workout goals amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature. From bale throws to farmyard sprints around grain bins, this is our powerhouse playground!

🍏 Power up with knowledge! Understanding macronutrients is like discovering our secret weapon for fueling our bodies. Nourishment is the key to unlocking our full potential!

@Nick Arvold

Use #FarmFit to showcase our journey and inspire others to join our vibrant fitness league!

📢 Get ready to power up your inbox! This Wednesday, my NEW newsletter drops, and it's packed with farm-tastic workout tips, K.I.S.S. magic, and more!

Let's elevate our farm fitness game together!

Don't let anything hold you back!

Click the link in my bio or simply comment "K.I.S.S." below to unleash your farm fitness superpowers!

Let's soar to new heights and radiate that farm fit fabulousness! 🚀

#FarmFitAndFabulous #NoExcuses #KISSMethodology #UnleashYourPower
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