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🌹🌹 A month of roses!   Did you know that June’s official birth flower is the rose?  While often associated with love and passion, roses are also a symbol of freedom and non-violent resistance. Some say that the rose bush’s thorny stems are a metaphor for the unpleasant side-effects of obtaining one’s desires.   June’s secondary flower is honeysuckle, which represents devotion and unity in love.   Learn more about these two flowers as well as birth flowers in the link in our bio here.   Which flower do you like better? Rose –🌹 Honeysuckle-🍯   #FarmersAlmanac #almanac #flowers #folklore #birthflower #mythology #junebirthflower#roselore#honeysucklelore created by Farmers’ Almanac with 2strings's Acoustic with the image of a flower garden(1278781)
🌟 Get your Flower Moon horoscope!

This year’s Flower Moon (May 5, 2023) is unique because it undergoes a lunar eclipse during
#mercuryretrograde .

According to #astrology , eclipses are three times more intense than a regular full Moon.

Often times, lunar eclipses bring major news, breakthroughs, or breakdowns.

🔗 Link in bio!

What sign are you? ✨

#farmersalmanac #almanac #zodiac #horoscope #flowermoon #horoscopes #eclipse #scorpioeclipse
⭐ May’s night sky brings the Full Flower Moon and many opportunities to witness some of the brightest stars in the sky.

Look south for “The Spring Triangle” and west for
#Venus shining after sunset, especially towards the end of May.

⁂ Link in bio for more #stargazing suggestions!

If you had to pick, would you choose the Moon or the stars?

Tag a friend who loves #astronomy !

Have a question about #space? Ask us!

#farmersalmanac #almanac #may #nightskyguide #flowermoon #fullmoon
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