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The official TikTok of Experian UK Money and credit made simple

MATHS Love it or hate it?

Whatever your feelings about it, its an important part of our everyday lives

Feeling like were no good at maths can mean we avoid it, which only makes things worse. Low confidence with numbers can hold us back, affect our wellbeing, and impact how our children feel about maths too

So, weve teamed up with
@National Numeracy to encourage everyone to take that first step on their number confidence journey

Ready to get started? Have a go at the National Numeracy Challenge! It only takes 10 minutes and can help improve the maths you use day-to-day.

Head to www.nationalnumeracy.org.uk/challenge/exprn to get started

While youre there, why not check out the National Numeracy hub, where youll find lots of free resources and activities like:

- Handy videos
- Practical tips and guides
- Money management resources
- Family activities

#NumberConfidenceWeek #MathsAnxiety #MoneyManagement #PersonalFinanceTips #MathsChallenge
New and aspiring business owners, this is for you 儭

We caught up with Marsha Powell of
@Beleve Uk , Andr癡 Skepple of FullSpektrum and Marvyn Harrison of BELOVD Agency at the UK Black Business Show 奎

They shared with us the things they wish theyd known before starting their businesses!

Head to our page to find out who else we caught up with on the day

#UKBlackBusinessShow #UKBlackBusiness #BusinessOwnerTips #StartingABusiness #FinancialGoals
Did you learn this at school? 仁

@Krishnan Kara shares what he wishes hed learnt sooner - how using a credit card wisely can help grow your credit score 漎儭

Follow for more top finance tips!

#PersonalFinanceTips #MoneyTips #LearnOnTikTok #CreditScores #FinancialTikTok #CreditCards
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