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EWRF Malaysia


EWRF is a Malaysian NGO that is designed to serve the Indian Community.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - An agreement between The Educational, Welfare &
Research Foundation Malaysia (EWRF) represented by its President Mr. Govindasamy
Annamalai, and the Kabaddi Association of Malaysia (KAM) represented by its President
Mr. Sathasivam Munisamy was signed on the 10th of August 2023 (Tuesday) at EWRF’s
office with the primary objective of popularising and developing the Kabaddi sports among
the Malaysian youth.
Kabaddi is known as one of India's traditional sports and has been incorporated as a
component of Southeast Asian competitions and the Olympics till today. Since the year 2000,
Kabaddi has gained recognition at the national level in Malaysia and is still being played
Kabaddi has captured the interest among other races as well. An agreement was signed
yesterday to promote Kabaddi sports among EWRF’s CSI programme students. This training
shall be provided to selected students through EWRF’s CSI sports programme in
collaboration with the KAM. Kabaddi shall be incorporated as a component of CSI, a 20-
week student transformation programme. These Kabaddi training shall be conducted by
KAM’s qualified instructors at CSI centers across the country. EWRF’s CSI Centers are
located in most states of Peninsular Malaysia. These CSI programmes and Kabaddi training
are provided free of charge.
In addition, Mr. Govindasamy Annamalai the President of EWRF said that he is proud to
introduce this Kabaddi sports which -77100140 (Mr. Segaran.D).
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