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Frame 98: the weight we carry

part of an ongoing
#art series titled #WhatsThePorpoise that explores different themes with each post, and this drawing reflects themes on trash, climate change, global warming, loss, grief, and two thoughts: What We Leave Behind, or You Can’t Take It with You. . Each frame connects to previous frames, and the topics and focus encompasses many daily #drawing , reflective practices.
This artwork was created with copic markers and airbrush system, posca, and micron on SMLT bleed proof paper, #SMLTart
Alternate Song choice: Aretha Franklin “the Weight”
Frame 97: two left hands

These are two left hands holding binoculars as they drown, not for any symbolic reasoning, simply because I’m left handed, and asymetricaly handed, this
#artwork is part of an ongoing art series titled #WhatsThePorpoise that unfolds with each post, and continues to explore different topics, this imagery contains themes of surveillance, social media, snooping, binoculars, ladders and of course #globalwarming this artwork was created with copic markers, micron, and podcasting in smelt bleedproofpaper #smltart made in the moment as a daily drawing, and yes the song #PrivateEyes was always in mind related to this imagery that i imagined
Frame 87: nothing really happened

part of an ongoing
#artseries #artnarrative titled #WhatsThePorpoise that #explores #changinglandscapes #loss #globalwarming #denial #ArizonaHeatWave #capitalismatwork #cellphone #escapism this #artwork was #created #inthemoment #streamofconsciousnessart made with #copicmarkers #micron on #copicsketchbook
side note: this artwork was made a week prior to the #wildfires in #Maui but now feels like a stark reminder of the real human toll and threat climate change poses to everyone.
The title was chosen as a response to the ineffectiveness of people’s response to become aware of the danger the changing landscape holds for our future survival, but the very real world place it comes from, is the answer to a simple question to my child after they got home from school. “how was your day at school?”
“Nothing really happened”
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