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CEO, Kickstarter

@Uber for business is a game changer for entrepreneurs and business professionals. As a CEO, it delivers a ton of value for me.  My top 3 favorite benefits: 1. Uber Business Comfort: More leg room? Yes please. I spend a lot of time in the back of Ubers so comfort is a must. Not only can I order more comfortable cars, but I can also Uber Comfort Electric which gives me access to spacious electrical vehicles that are good for the environment and aligned with my company’s commitment to sustainability. 2. Uber Reserve: As a CEO, I cannot be late. Whether it’s an important board meeting or a flight, being late is not an option. Uber reserve gives me the peace of mind of being able to schedule cars in advance. 3. Seamless Expensing: Time is the most valuable thing I have as a CEO. I want to make sure it’s focused on the most important things like growing the business, and not time consuming expense reports. Uber for business makes my life that much easier. So there you go? Still need convincing? I hope not, sign up for @Uber for Business today. Link in bio. #UberForBusiness, #uberforbusinesspartner #ad. created by Everette with Everette's original sound
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Huge milestone, people around the world have pledged over 7 BILLION dollars to @kickstarter projects. This has helped a lot of people bring their creative vision and dreams to life 💚
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