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Euphoric | iMakeRugs


Main IG: @EuphoricSupply Rug IG: @iMakeRugs LEARN HOW!👆👇RUG SUPPLIES!🧶



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There never been a better time to start making rugs! iMakeRugs.com is your one-stop shop for everything you need. With no trouble buying and cutting wood to build a rug frame, no confusion on how to use your Rug Gun. everything we sell has an instructional video attached so you’re never lost or confused along the way. You can get started the same day you receive your rug making kit in the mail! I also have a TON of videos for beginners on my YouTube channel!
This is still a very rare and new craft to many. Let’s say you want to sell your rugs; my best advice is to make videos like this one, but have a niche! For example, if you are into cars, make car rugs! People who have that car will pay to have a custom rug of their car made.
(I have a more in depth videos on how to make money selling rugs on my YouTube channel)
Link is in my bio to get started NOW!

#iMakeRugs #rugmaking #tufting #tuftinggun #tuftingart #tuftingrugs #artist #art #textile #yarn #crochet
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