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Ethan Murray


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Are you cheating correctly? created by Ethan Murray with Ethan Murray’s original sound
#duet with @derricktelleson This is what’s wrong with gym culture πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ #cringe #fyp #foryou
If I seen you 6 months ago and I seen you today, what do you think I would say?
"Wow you've lost so much weight"
"Look how much size you've put on bro"
"Maaatteee you're shredded"
"Dude you're lifting more then me now" Odds are I probably couldn't say any of it.Why? Because you aren't really dieting, you don't track ever. 1 day you restrict calories by not eating, the next you binge eat because you starved yourself the day prior. You train. But you aren't consistent with going. You aren't consistent with the weights you use to build strength. You aren't consistent with the exercises or set and reps so you can overload every week, this is why you aren't building muscle.You also think you can do this on your own even after 6, 12, 18, 24 months of going literally no where. You look no different. You've gotten no stronger. You have no more lean muscle mass. But if I ask you will say 'yeah mate I'm losing heaps of weight, gained muscle etc'. Then I press at you 'how much weight have you lost? What's your squat, bench, deadlift at now? How much have your arms grown or muscle mass gone up on a body scan'. Half of you will stutter, realise you have no fkin clue cause you realised you track nothing. The other half of you will BS your way out of it and give vague answers like 'I've lost a lot, im using more weight, I look bigger!These aren't objective answers. There subjective and of course you will want to make yourself feel better for giving a half assed effort. Look in the mirror. Compare photos side by side. Be honest with yourself. YOU LOOK THE SAME. 90% of us training for any to look better, more muscle, stronger, leaner. Why lie to yourself.You need me. You need direction. You need a system to follow.You currently have nothing. And you will continue to look the same until you get guidance.Those ready to accept facts will reach out. Those who want to live in make believe land will continue to go in circles.
#menshealth #weightlosstransformation #bodytransformation #muscle
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