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Interior design by Esther


E-DESIGN 🌎 I create personalized home designs using online stores’ furniture ✨

I think seeing people on TikTok putting up their Christmas trees was already influencing my decisions haha!
Not waiting for it to be Monday, New Year, or "tomorrow" to do something we know we should do should be a habit in our lives. No, I'm not telling you this because I'm a guru on the subject, but I believe starting the very day the idea comes to my mind has been what has recently helped me make the changes I want.
Why am I telling you this? Because doing this has also HELPED ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF, achieve things, and be proud of what I've accomplished, instead of feeling guilty for letting "another month, another week" go by without doing anything.
So, if you're waiting for the next year to change the curtains, waiting for guests to rush to paint the walls, or waiting for "the next summer vacation" to make a change, let me tell you the best time is now. It's better to act with patience and create with good energy what you desire, than to "try to rush a process" you decided to start at the last minute.
If you love interior design as much as I do FOLLOW me!!! I love sharing ideas in my account.
I could say that 80% of my clients have asked me BEFORE hiring me:
"Do you tell me where to get the items that will be in the design?"
And I completely understand their concern because I know the common perception of online interior design is that it's just ideas, and then you're on your own to figure out where to find things.
I greatly value having the opportunity to easily find what you need with a couple of clicks and thus be able to create such specific designs that you don't even have to leave your home.
In addition to making changes based on my clients' feedback, I create detailed 3D images of each space, incorporating every detail, so that the final idea is so clear that you won't hesitate to purchase what you need because you know exactly how it will look 😊

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This question was recently asked by a client before we commenced working together. I'd like to clarify that while listing general ideas, creating a concept, and assembling pieces on a board are all PART of the process, they don't represent the end result.
I believe my architectural knowledge forces me to finalize a project only when I've meticulously specified details that might be noticed solely by me, haha. This is because, in the end, the design functions as a cohesive whole. I provide illustrations for each piece of furniture, complete with their materials and measurements, along with depictions of the spatial arrangement. Additionally, I delve into particulars like the height and distance of each picture frame, for instance. My intention is to ensure that the final product encompasses every element necessary for the space to align precisely with our initial vision.
Esta pregunta me la hizo un cliente hace poco antes de empezar a trabajar juntos. Me gusta aclarar que listar ideas generales, crear un concepto, juntar piezas en un tablero, es PARTE del proceso, mas no el resultado final.
Creo que mis conocimientos arquitectónicos no me dejan entrega un proyecto hasta haber especificado detalles que literalmente solo yo noto jaja. Porque al final el diseño funciona en conjunto. Ilustro cada uno de los muebles con sus materiales y medidas al ideal que el espacio y detallo cosas como la altura y distancia de cuadros por ejemplo. Mi idea es que tenga absolutamente todo lo que necesitas para que el espacio sea tal como lo planeamos.

#EstherEstudio #InteriorDesign #HomeDecor #Home #Decoration #Modern #Remodel
Has it ever happened to you that:
You go shopping, so excited.
You arrive at the store, and there are so many things that you cannot decide.
You see something you like, but you start asking yourself a lot of questions. Is it the correct size? What color would be better? Will this look good with that other thing I saw?
You become overwhelmed.
You think that you could invest the money in buying that item, only to end up not achieving the look you were aiming for.
If this situation sounds familiar, let me share with you something about my design process.
I always begin with plans and real measurements of the space. This step is crucial because it allows me to determine the correct size for each item.
The second important aspect is the budget. How much are you willing to invest in enhancing that space? (In online stores, I can even filter the search by prices.)
Lastly, I assist you in visualizing everything. I create boards, 3D models, and realistic images that incorporate the measurements of the space and the dimensions of each element (which are always provided in great detail on websites).
After this I provide you with a specific list of what to buy, and you have already envisioned how these items will appear in your space.
So you just chill, I'll ensure that everything goes perfectly 😊

Te ha paso que:
Vas de compras emocionada de que puede encontrar.
Llegas a la tienda y hay tantas cosas que no puedes decidir.
Ves algo que te gusta, pero te haces muchas preguntas. Es el tamaño correcto? Que color quedara mejor? Se vera bien esto con aquello otro que vi?
Te abrumas.
Piensas que podrías invertir el dinero comprando eso y al final no tener el look que buscas.
Si te pasa te cuento: en mi proceso de diseño siempre uso planos, medidas reales del espacio. Es una parte muy importante por que basado en esto determino el tamaño correcto de cada item.
Lo segundo es el Budget, cuanto estas dispuesto a invertir para elevar ese espacio (en las tiendas online puedo filtrar la búsqueda incluso por precios)
Finalmente te ayudo a visualizar todo. Con tableros, 3D e imágenes realistas, con las medidas del espacio y las medidas de cada elemento (que se encuentran muy detallados en los sitios web).
De esta forma tienes una lista especifica de que comprar y ya sabes como se va a ver en tu espacio.
Tu tranqui, yo me encargo de que todo vaya perfecto 😊

#EstherEstudio #InteriorDesign #HomeDecor #Home #Decoration #Modern #Remodel #
I am just kidding, haha.
But, here's a question for you: are you making fear-based decisions?
Many people have expressed their desire to create something they will like 'forever.'
And my question is: Is there anything that truly lasts forever?
I understand that if you're going to make an investment, you don't want to regret it tomorrow.
However, knowing if you'll still like it in 20 years is a different matter.
As human beings, we live in constant change, and the irony is that one of the things we fear the most is change.
I'm sure that in 20 years, you won't be the same. You will have learned, achieved goals, changed direction a thousand times, and so on.
All of this is a part of life and a part of our homes too.
Of course, we will create a design that you love and meets your needs. In day-to-day life, you will continue to shape it to your preferences.
And if, after 20 years, 'you don't like it anymore,' you will likely have a larger budget to remodel everything *manifesting
Don't let these thoughts stop you from taking action and making the changes you want and need."
Es broma!!
Pero te pregunto: ¿estas tomando decisiones basada en miedos?
Muchas personas me han dicho que quieren crear algo que les guste “para siempre”
Y mi pregunta es: ¿Hay algo que dure para siempre?
Claro que entiendo que si vas a hacer una inversión no quieres odiarla mañana.
Pero de eso a que sepamos si te va a seguir gustando en 20 años, bueno...
Como seres humanos vivimos en constante cambio e irónicamente es una de las cosas a las que más le tememos.
Pero estoy segura de que en 20 años no serás la misma. Habrás aprendido, alcanzado metas, cambiado de dirección mil veces, etc.
Todo esto es parte de la vida, y parte de nuestros hogares también.
Claro que vamos a lograr un diseño que ames y cumpla tus expectativas, y en el día a día de tu hogar seguirás moldeándolo a tu forma.
Y si pasan 20 años y “ya no te gusta” seguramente tendrás el doble de presupuesto para remodelarlo absolutamente todo. *manifesting
No dejes que estos pensamientos te detengan de tomar acción y empezar con los cambios que quieres y SABES que necesitas hacer.
#EstherEstudio #InteriorDesign #HomeDecor #Home #Decoration #Modern #Kitchen
As a designer, I enjoy creating beautiful spaces.
But besides that, I have a deep appreciation for homes.
I value the special moments that take place there, whether you're alone or with others.
It could be reading a book before going to sleep or having dinner with friends you've invited over.
Making a video call to a loved one who's far away, or watching a movie with your family.
All of these moments are "beautiful" in their own way—some bring happiness, some evoke nostalgia, and some may even be stressful (like when my dog decides to pee on the floor instead of going outside, ha-ha!).
So, when you wake up in the morning or when you are waiting for your guests or family, take a moment to express gratitude to your house for providing the space where these beautiful moments can occur.
Como diseñadora me encanta crear espacios bonitos.
Pero aparte de eso amo los hogares, los momentos que vivimos ahí, solas o acompañadas.
El libro que lees antes de dormir, o la cena con los amigos que invitaste.
La video llamada que hiciste con ese ser querido que esta lejos o la película que miraste con tu familia.
Todos son esos momentos son “bonitos”. Algunos son alegres, otros son nostálgicos, y algunos son estresantes (como cuando mi perro decide orinar el piso, sabiendo que puede salir al patio cuando quiera ¡jaja!)
Cuando te levantes, antes de comer, al esperar a tus invitados o a tu familia, tomate un minuto para agradecerle a tu casa por todos esos momentos bonitos que te permite tener.

#EstherEstudio #InteriorDesign #HomeDecor #Home #Decoration #Modern
When the clients contacted me, they said they were building a house near a lake.
They had many ideas for their kitchen, but they wanted it to be special and know how it would look in the end.
Initially, they thought of using gray for the cabinets. But after talking more, we realized they preferred something that matched the natural surroundings of the house, so they changed their minds.
Since the kitchen window was small, we decided to use white for certain parts to make the space brighter.
Throughout the project, we explored different ideas, colors, materials, and even tried out different stools until we found the ones we loved.
We are really happy with the final result.
Now, the owners have detailed documents with measurements, materials, and accessories, so they feel confident about what the contractors will deliver.
What do you think about this earthy design?
Cuando este cliente me contacto, me comento que estaban construyendo una casa junto al lago. que tenían muchas ideas para su cocina, pero realmente querían que fuera especial y saber como seria el resultado final.
Ellos habían considerado elegir gris para el color de los gabinetes. Pero conversando un poco nos dimos cuenta que querían algo mas cercano a la naturaleza que se encuentra alrededor de la casa y cambiaron de opinión.
Al mismo tiempo, considerando que la ventana de la cocina era pequeña optamos por elegir blanco para ciertas partes para iluminar el espacio.
Durante el desarrollo del proyecto exploramos varias ideas, colores, materiales, incluso intentamos ver como ser verían diferentes sillas en la isla, hasta llegar a estas que amamos.
Y así como amamos las sillas, amamos el resultado final.
#EstherEstudio #InteriorDesign #HomeDecor #Home #Decoration #Modern #Kitchen
If you love collecting pins and saving ideas for each room in your house, you're not alone. Many people have a talent for imagining how their walls, rugs, lamps, and furniture would fit together perfectly. But when it's time to make a decision, fear sets in.

What if things don't turn out as expected? Then you come across a designer's work that looks completely different from your saved pins, and doubt creeps in. This leads to hesitation and avoiding making any decisions. Before you know it, you're back on Pinterest, starting the process all over again.

Don't be too hard on yourself; this behavior is common. However, ask yourself: Do you want to let years go by without truly living in your dream house? Or do you want to take charge, make informed decisions, and bring your vision to life?

I work with many clients who share their extensive idea collections with me, and I enjoy exploring them. Together, we analyze the possibilities and refine their vision.

Then, I compile all the information into a carefully crafted document tailored specifically to their space.

But here's the exciting part: we go beyond a simple mood board. We recreate their space in 3D, creating realistic renders that allow them to visualize every detail.

We even connect via video to examine the 3D model together and make any desired adjustments.

This means that before they make a final decision, they've already seen their space come to life, with objects, colors, and proportions that closely resemble the end result.

So, which space in your house has the most pins in your collection?
#InteriorDesign #HomeDecor #Home #Decoration #Modern
What do you feel when you are at home?
Putting its appearance aside for a moment
Do you enjoy being there?
Does it feel like a peaceful place for you?
Do you like spending time with your family or being alone at home?
If you don't feel positive about being at home, maybe something needs to change.
I believe that our home reflects who we are on the inside.
So, what does your home say about you?
What kind of energy do you project in your home?
Or are you always in a rush? Do you experience numerous emotions and feelings that you can't identify or understand? It feels like everything is chaotic and you have no interest in altering the situation?
If your home is your peaceful place leave a heart in the comments
If it's not, now is the perfect time to start making changes, both in your home and in your inner self.

¿Que sientes cuando estas en casa?
¿Dejando a un lado por un momento el cómo luce, te gusta estar ahí?
¿Sientes que es tu lugar de paz?
¿Disfrutas tu tiempo en familia? ¿O el tiempo que pasas sola cuando estás ahí?
Si no es así, algo estás haciendo mal.
Creo que nuestro hogar es un gran reflejo de quienes somos en nuestro interior.
¿Y si es así que dice tu hogar de tu interior?
¿Qué tipo de energía interior estas exteriorizando en tu hogar?
¿Te dedicas tiempo? ¿Organizas tus pensamientos y sentimientos? ¿Buscas cómo mejorar constantemente?
O, por el contrario, ¿vives apresurada? ¿Tienes muchas emociones y sentimientos que no reconoces, que no sabes por qué están ahí o cómo llegaron? ¿En su mayoría es un caos y realmente no te interesa cambiarlo?
Si tu casa es tu lugar de paz déjame un corazón en los comentarios.
Si no lo es, no habrá mejor momento que este para empezar a hacer cambios, si, en tu casa y en tu interior

#InteriorDesign #HomeDecor #Home #Decoration #Modern
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