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Erin Sullivan


Photography, travel, creativity 🦋 info@erinoutdoors.com resources + prints 👇



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Photos can convey feelings– that’s what makes photography powerful!

Here is how I edit natural light in 
#Lightroom to communicate emotion.

1. It starts when I am shooting. I get present in the moment, and notice what is around me and what I can feel with all of my senses. I set an intention to capture those feelings in the images I am creating. I sometimes take notes or record a short voice note on my phone to help me remember the details.
2. I start to edit in Lightroom by applying one of my presets. Then I start balancing the contrast and exposure, pulling details out from the shadows, and shifting the white balance. I stay connected to my intention and notice how each change affects the impact that the photo has.
3. Fine tune colors on the HSL panel, and usually some final adjustments on the Basic panel after that.
4. Add gradients– for this photo I added a radial gradient and increased the exposure and contrast to help draw the eye to the center of the image.
5. Check in: I compare the final photo with my original intention and memories of how that moment felt. If it’s not quite there yet, I’ll keep working on it, or come back to it later.

Photography is a rewarding art form that can bring you closer to the moments you experience in life. Presence and intention are necessary ingredients. 🦋
#LightroomPartner #MadeWithLightroom
Moonlight, mid-day light, & golden hour light – all beautiful in their own ways. I love working with natural light and find it to be so nourishing to the soul, especially when outdoors. Then, I edit in #Lightroom to reflect the way the moment felt to me. 🌞 Use this audio to show how you find the light in your day!​

Translating a meaningful experience into an image requires presence and mindfulness. In my process, before making any photos, I first take a moment to get grounded. I might close my eyes or take a deep breath, and tune in to what I can feel, hear, or smell first, not to assign meaning to it all quite yet, but just to get clear on what is there first.​

Once I am clear, I set out to create an image that communicates the moment in the way I experienced it.​

And when it is time to edit, I recall my intention, and aim to reflect it. Adjusting the exposure, shadows, highlights, contrast, white balance, and colors all change the way a photo feels! The more you work with these tools, the more you will start to draw connections between what each setting does and the feeling it communicates.​

​Making your photography an intentional process nurtures the self, and in my opinion, results in more compelling photos too. Later this week I’ll share more on how I edit light with #Lightroom 🌙​

#MadeWithLightroom #LightroomPartner
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