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Erin McDermott


Optical Engineer, founder of OddEngineer, physicist

#stitch with @Erin McDermott I have no idea…. Weird that Honey is showing a much lower price for the last few days and even today (!) on Amazon at $1448. Yet the current price for today for the v1 microsoft surface laptop studio is $2045. IT’S THE WILD WEST ON AMAZON. EVERY COWBOY TO HIMSELF #AMAZON #blackfriday
Replying to @Erin McDermott Methylene blue update after 2 weeks of 5mg ingested daily. I’ve been extra struggling so we’re doneso for now with blue. #methyleneblue
#stitch with @George Kamel please stop sharing this video; it’s inaccurate and I think the original creator realized that 3 years ago….
Replying to @Michele on Mounjaro Mostly just the #glutathione iv/injections have helped with #fatigue plus *NOT* doing a whole lot of other stuff.
Replying to @oof ok! Bookmarking that specific vendor’s listing on Amazon for the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio v1, and we’ll take another look-see around Black Friday to see if that’s the explanation for the pricing shenanigans. #surfacelaptopstudio #amazon #blackfriday #honey #pricehistory
Replying to @Erin McDermott Day 3 of 5mg of methylene blue to see if it helps my energy levels at all as a chronic illness sufferer #methyleneblue #chronicillness
Why is the old #surfacelaptopstudio now in Nov 2023 higher priced than it was in July 2023? #microsoft #honey #amazon
Day 1 of experimenting with 5mg of #methyleneblue orally to see if I can get more working hours back in a week. I’m not a doctor, this is not medical advice, and it’s also probably not a good idea. 😅 I’ve found regular, high does of #glutathione in IV or in injections can give me many more working hours per week. However, I’m still disabled even with the IVs and can’t work fulltime. I really want to be able to work fulltime, and do social activities, or physical activites, or even let my friends text me again, so the experiments continue….

My diagnosis is still unknown although the symptoms are *finally* confirmed as “not in my head” after MRIs, a CT-Scan 2 endoscopies and a colonoscopy showed some serious shit happening. Some of my docs said I’m “not taking this seriously enough; this could kill you. You could die.” and “the only thing I can do for you now is tell you to find someone to take care of you because things like food and shelter cost money and you’re too sick to work.”

Sooooo…Fuck you guys, I’ll figure this out without you since ya’ll are incompetent and have worse critical thinking skills than i do even during the moments I’m suffering from cognitive impairment. 😂

#ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome and #POTS are probably things I got going on but haven’t been officially diagnosed with. They may explain some of my symptoms but probably not all unless I have one of the most severe kinds 🤷‍♀️
#stitch with @Ask Cliffe Clips When I first learned about black body radiators in a college physics class, I immediately thought on the “paradox” of hell being dark yet also fire, and it was no longer a paradox to me. There are more things I came to understand in studying physics that showed me other miraculous descriptions from the bible need not be swept under the carpet of “just metaphorical”. Like… relativity and relative time frames when giving a historical account of creation with timing. Jesus said “oh ye of little faith” before and I often think of him saying “oh ye of little creativity” today when we come up empty looking for explanations.

#christianity #physics #blackbodyradiation #blackbodyradiator #optics #opticalscience #bible #hell #fireandbrimstone
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