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Erin | Cake & Cupcake Videos


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🧙 How to be a good witch: use @Sweets & Treats | Baking Decor Lavender edible luxe glitter dust and Toil & Trouble sprinkle mix (it has ALL the Halloween colors and goes with everything!). Spoiler alert: this is also how to be a bad witch, too. 😆

Fondant recipe: click the link in my bio and find this in my recipes or on my channel.

Edible glitter and sprinkles: @shopsweetsandtreats

Colors: @Chefmaster Violet + Purple liqua-gel

Alphabet embossing stamp sets (3/4” Sarah and 1/4” Marco) & cauldron cutter ate from my shop.

Edible paint: @Sweet Sticks Cake decorating silver (find this in my @Amazon storefront).

#halloween #halloweencake #seasonofthewitch #goodwitch #fondant #fondanttoppers #fondanttutorial #easycake #cakeideas #bubblebubbletoilandtrouble
💀🦴 BONE appetit! 🤣
You can use a bit of
@Chefmaster white liqua-gel to brighten up fondant if you’d like to whiten it. My fondant recipe is on my site. Cutters and embossers are all from my shop. Black #edibleartpaint is @Sweet Sticks Cake decorating , and can be found in my @Amazon storefront. Full cake video is on my channel, too! #halloween #halloweencake #fondant #tutorial
🧹 Are you a good witch or a bad witch? It’s ok to say both, too. Maybe a sandwich? 🤣🤣🤣

@Chefmaster neon brites & coal black liqua-gels
SPRINKLES & EDIBLE GLITTERS are @Sweets & Treats | Baking Decor Toil & Trouble and Graphite, Lavender
CUTTERS & ALPHABET embossing stamps are from my shop.
CAKE BOARD is @CakeSafe acrylic disk. Use code ERIN10 to save
STRIPES are @Ester Holt Bengal comb
1M TIP is @Wilton Cakes
RECIPES are on my site
TUTORIAL VIDEO is on my channel
EDIBLE PAINTS are @Evil Cake Genius & @Sweet Sticks Cake decorating

#goodwitch #badwitch #wickedwitch #wicked #glinda #halloweencake #cake #sprinkles #sprinklecake #recipes #halloween
🍂 🍁 They change colors befoee your eyes! Use @Chefmaster liqua-gels to get all the shades you need! Buttercream recipes via my bio link. Piping tips here are the @Wilton Cakes 103 and 352 tips. #piping #buttercream #fall #learnontiktok
🖤 Methods for BLACK BUTTERCREAM frosting:
@Chefmaster black diamond or coal black gel
🖤 start with chocolate (recipe on my site)
🖤 black cocoa powder
🖤 start by using other colors

#blackbuttercream #chocolate #frosting #caketips #tips
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