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Eric | Mr Positivity


❤️ Wellness 📚 Wisdom 🐶 Welsh Corgi Hire a life coach for free👇🏻


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Replying to @deexwongg my poor puppy got attacked by a bigger dog and suffered many cuts. it was so traumatising to watch all the blood on his body. no idea how to assure my mum that this is an exception not the norm #learningisfun #petsoftiktok #corgisoftiktok  created by Eric | Mr Positivity with K H A I’s original sound - K H A I
Replying to @GodsChild what you have done? confront the uncle or just mind your own business? #learnontiktok #mentalhealthawareness #careculture
Replying to @Samantha Ng | Career Coach this is why you aren’t as successful as you wish to be. the good news is you just need a simple tweak to your thinking. watch this impromptu video to find out how. #learnontiktok #mentalhealthawareness #iamstrong
Replying to @Drew (he/they) ✨️ why does this weird sh*t always happen to me at hotels 😂 (see previous tiktok to understand why) #learningisfun #funnystory
So thankful for @CARE Singapore because they taught me a self love exercise which made some of my friends tear recently at the Tiktok wellness event. Curious to know how you will reply! A self care prize to the most voted answer! #learningisfun #positivetok #mentalhealthawareness #selfcare
Thank you @TikTok Singapore for inviting me to the premiere of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Here’s my spoiler free review of the reimagined disney favorite. #learningisfun #thelittlemermaidsg #whattowatch #filmtok
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