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Michelle Webster


Type Design & Lettering 📍MSP Typography 🌽 and Ampersands.



36 Days is coming soon! Heres my 2020 set. #designtok #lettering #36daysoftype #typography #procreate created by Michelle Webster with Adriel's Storytelling
Candy Cane letters in Ai. Candy Cane Ampersand Steps in Illustator:

1. Pen Tool. Draw a simple ampersand using stroked paths. Think of each piece as a calligraphy stroke. It doesn't matter what the color or stroke width is, you just need the paths.

2. Shape Tool. Make an eight sided star. It should be the size you want the strokes of ampersand to be. Color the star with a red and white radial gradient, with the red concentrated on the tips of the star.

3. Duplicate the star twice (Option key, drag). You can make one star a little bigger, if you want some contrast. Align two of the stars to center horizonally and vertically. Put the remaining star aside.

4. Copy the two star sets so there is one for each of your ampersand stroked strokes.

5. Blend Tool. Make a blend of each star group, using 'specified strokes' @ 1000 (that's the highest you can go).

6. Select a stroke from your ampersand and one of the blends. Go back to the Blend Tool and select 'replace spine'. This will put the star blend on your stroke! So exciting! Repeat for each stroke in your ampersand, and then assemble. You may need to reverse the spines, or edit the points a little bit, to get each segment to line up smoothly.

7. Finish off by placing stars at the open end points. I made my ends a little more saturated and put 0.25pt red stoke on mine too, to add a little definition.

8. I added a tiny drop shadow to my finished ampersand in Photoshop. The file was too massive to work with in Illustrator (all those blends) and I kept getting the rainbow death spinner.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if you make any sweet holiday type!

XO Michelle

#designtok #illustrator #ampersand #lettering #typography #holidayart
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