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turning fandoms + emotions into a superpower 🩵🌿 choc mint lover & entrepreneur

#duet with @Darren Criss #avpmsydney Living my absolute AVPM teenage dream *cue darren* with this one 🤯 Wish I were in aussie but happy enough even if this is the closest I ever get to singing with Darren, Joey or #starkid 😭❤️ #grangerdanger #gottagetbacktohogwarts #averypottermusical
#stressbusters we can learn from the life of Mr Harry Potter ✨🧙🏻‍♂️

On days when you feel overwhelmed or anxious, try:
• playing sports
• training for the ballet, POTTAH?
• swimming
• playing chess
• dancing
• reading

#harrypotter #pottertok #healingthroughfandoms #mentalhealthawareness #selfcare
what you’re currently grateful for could rewire your brain for more happiness 🧠🤯

#gratitude could:
• improve your physical wellbeing
• tackle negativity bias
• reduce toxic thoughts & emotions
• improve sleep, resilience, stress management and healing
• reduce social comparison

curious to find out ways to practice gratitude in 5-10 minutes every day? stay tuned

#mentalhealthawareness #learnontiktok #selfcare #learningisfun
#Uaena fandom where you at?

singer-songwriter and mental health advocate Yanni @pootpootyan shares about her love for lU’s music, persona and many talents — including a song that spoke to her heart.

we can often turn to music for comfort. sometimes it just takes meaningful lyrics, or rewatching a video of your favourite singer for the 100th time to feel better.

tell us about a song or musician that got you through a tough time! 🌿

watch Episode 1 of Healing Through Fandoms (link in bio) as the cast shares more about the Fandoms that have healed them.

#mentalhealthawareness #healingthroughfandoms #selfcare #selfdiscovery @elly.minty🌿fandoms+wellness
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