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Ellie: 90s Stuff *Now* 🎨🪡👗


Rediscovering retro stuff + creating modern nostalgia 🎨✨🇦🇺


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What a coincidence. So weird. [Welcome to the Sweetpea sewing cult, to our new members] We all brought our sewing machines / unfinished projects / mending / sewing patterns to cut out and some nibblies. And then we danced around a fire reciting sacred craft poems. Best night with beautiful sewists (in order or appeaeance): * @user9199951570851 @nandofundo * @britasews  * @pins_and_tonic * @jasper_creek . Sewing with friends is FUN and I can’t wait for the next one. Who’s in? Promise the initation doesnt hurt…much. #learntosew #sewingforbeginners #sewing #sewtok #sewandtell #sewandtellau  created by Ellie: 90s Stuff *Now* 🎨🪡👗 with Jain’s Makeba
@BillieBillieB YOU’RE A WIZARD! 😱 Thank you for taking the time AND for the Mrs.Doubtfire reference 🤣 We’re saving the world over here, guys. Give it a go! 😁 #pyrex #kitchenhacks #kitchentips #hack #kitchentips
@PYREX 10/10 for measurememt. 1/10 dor pouring. I have NEVER been able to figure this out?! 🤣😭 #pouring #pour
Treat yo’self for Christmas. Biggest thanks to @Sudio for the upgrade AND the TWO huge %%s ! (Tap to pause!)
These are smooooth and resilient 🤣 and I haven’t even covered the sound quality and NOISE CANCELLINGGGG. Another video!
Make sure you use the Ellie code to take 35 percent!
#headphones #audiobooks #sewinfheadphones #audiobookheadphones
#stitch with @Alex Falcone Wait…did anyone else do this? So sorry, to the farmers 😬🫣 #smoothcriminal #berri #berrisouthaustralia PS. Okay, maybe not the yards…but if you’re driving past an orchard that rolls for kilometres in the middle of nowhere and the oranges have started to drop…!? Basically helping? 🫣
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