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Elle King


My new album #ComeGetYourWife is available NOW ✨ 🤘🤠👇

just a #mom holding on to her good ol days I guess 🤘😎 #momsoftiktok #kids
Almost 2 years postpartum ! I am making this post to share my journey from 284 lbs at 5’3 from pregnancy 2021 - now 2023. It doesn’t happen over night. It didn’t even happen in a year for me. In fact, it’s an on going still working towards ever changing goals kinda thing. So why am I sharing this? I fell into a very deep depression during my pregnancy. I also didn’t even realize how intense postpartum depression is and was until I very slowly began to crawl out. I felt trapped in my body. I couldn’t even sing. So I started slow. Metabolic workouts. Light cardio to warm up my body, my lungs, my voice, and my spirit. I am a creature of habit, so I changed my fucking habits. Every few weeks I feel my body getting stronger. I add more workouts, I exercise with @pauldominic_ who is basically a body builder. But if you don’t have one of those then YOU have to be your own champion. Find music you like! Ride a bike! Go for a swim! I thought I wanted to lose weight, but it’s so much more. My BRAIN functions better on the days I move my body. Some days I count stretch marks. Some days I hug myself and say thank you to my body. Today is a kind day. I’ve been tiny, I’ve been huge, BUT RIGHT NOW IM HEALTHY. I can’t believe that I even have to say this, but no, I am not on any weight loss medication. I have PCOS and am pre-diabetic. My diabetic grandfather died when I was 10 years old. I watched him prick his finger and give himself shots. I do not judge anyone who is trying to live a healthier life. I can only share MY OWN JOURNEY! I just hope to live a long, wonderful, healthy life where I can drink a lot, eat fish, laugh as much as I can, and die happy🤘😇 #grwm #grwmroutine #fitness #skincare
Still cannot believe how incredible #CMAfest was! Cheers to 50 years! Thank you for another unforgettable one ❤️‍🔥🤠❤️ #countrymusic
I’m so excited that my @applemusic Sessions EP is out now! Streaming & Gleaming! I have a favorite 🤘🤠 Let me know yours! #countrymusic #livemusic
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