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EFT Tapping & Reiki 💫 Singer


EFT Tapping Tues’s 💫 Reiki Teacher💫Self Love & Empowerment Coach✨ 1:1 & Groups

Feeling different all my life because of being neuro diverse with ocd & dyslexia has been a tough challenge to navigate. Masking myself and making the jokes first to get ahead of any bullies was exhausting.  Fully accepting myself and all the parts that are quirky and wonderful have been the best inner child healing work I’ve done to date.  Self love and acceptance, even when the rest of the world couldn’t fully accept me.  To all the others out there who feel different to.   I see you. I love you. 💜  #neurodivergent #neurodiverse #feelingdifferent #acceptingyourself #lovingyourselffirst #ocd #dyslexia #adhd #innerchildhealing  created by EFT Tapping & Reiki 💫 Singer with Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy (2018 Remaster)
Replying to @paulaluska EFT Tapping works great with adults, but its also excellent to use with kids too. It helps them regulate their emotions and gives them some much needed control. It helps calm them down very fast. Its been tried and tested to help with anxiety and stress.

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Finally! EFT Tapping workshops in schools to give children this amazing healing technique that they can use for themselves, giving kids control to regulate them self and calm their own energy. Relaxing the nervous system and calm everything down.

The founder of Beam Academy, Francesca
@maria_francescak did a breath work workshop first and I added EFT Tapping afterwards wuth thr children. We were the dream team bringing these breath work and tapping techniques to key stage one and key stage two classes in school.

If you’d like us to come into your school to di EFT Tapping and Breath work, or would like to learn more, just contact me

#eft #efttapping #tappingforkids #mindfullnessforkids #tapping #stessrelief #healingtechnology
Replying to @Jan Coding & Craft
Sabotage often comes from the unconscious part of the mind. To change this you have to find the root cause or problem.
Eft tapping helps find the aspects that are buried deep, once you know whats in the way, you can effectively change the behaviour.

#sabotagingbehaviour #sabotagingmyself #eftapping #eft #changeyourmindset #unconciousmind
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