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Ghost with the most Designer of enamel pins, art, & gifts

Heres a quick #bts of what goes into having dresses designed for an indie fashion brand.

1. Im an illustrator first and foremost, so I start by designing a delicious fabric pattern for my clothing. By making the design a repeating tile, it can be seamlessly laid into yards and yards of fabric.

2. Next I make a detailed drawing of what I want the dress to look like, taking into account seams, buttons, zippers, etc. These are sent to my clothing designer who prepares them into a tech pack, which is essentially the blueprint for the dress.

3. My manufacturer will send me fabric swatches to choose from. I prefer to use fabrics that are biodegradable and made from natural fiber over synthetics, so that they are better for our planet.

4. Next we go into sampling. My manufacturer will make me a sample dress and Ill review it and make adjustments as needed. We might go through a couple samples until the fabric, print, and cut are perfect.

And thats it! Once we have the final design, the dresses go into production so I can share them with all of you!

I hope that demystifies the process a little for those who are curious or even thinking of starting their own brands. I know its a short video, so if you have any questions, feel free to comment or DM me!

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The beautiful
@Maddy styling our sheer flame socks with the cutest goth Barbie outfit 奎
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