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Helping you plant trees 🌳 & be climate positive 🌎 www.ecologi.com



What can business do for our planet? 🌍 That’s the question we asked our community this Earth Week. And the response was overwhelming. There is so much we can all do together to restore our home. Every action counts when you’re part of a passionate community, all pulling in the same direction. 🧮 Calculate your carbon footprint for free 📉 Gain insight to reduce your emissions 💪 Fund the very best climate solutions 🌳 Grow your own company forest The time to act is now. Join us and get 100 free trees when you sign up during April. #EarthMonth #EarthDay2023 #ForOurPlanet  created by Ecologi with Ecologi's original sound
It’s #NationalTreeDay , and what better way to celebrate than with a spot of restorative forest bathing? If you can’t get into some real woodland right now don’t worry, we have the next best thing. You can sink into this #ASMR video, filled with lush verdant leaves, dappled sunlight and the gentle chipping of forest life.Deep breaths and headphones on… 🌳 🧘‍♀️ 🎧
We've teamed up with Emma Askew, Founder of @earthminutesuk to explore how digital technology can change how we learn about our environment #EnvironmentalEducation #ClimateAction
To celebrate #EarthDay we’ve teamed up with @Steven Bartlett to remind us all of what’s possible when we come together 🌎 #ClimateAction #ClimateChange
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