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Kelly Rizzo


Award-Winning Eat Travel Rock TV Food/Travel/Fun🎥 LA/Chicago @bobsaget 🕊❤️‍🩹



#greenscreen late to the trend but I finally got pictures of me at 16 from my parents house since they don’t exist digitally because digital cameras didn’t exist in the mid 90s
#greenscreen make it stop, but also don’t. Ans yes i know how algorithms work and im likely responsible for this madness.
That time @katiecouric popped over to make a smoothie with me. Happy March everyone! And don’t forget to add avocado! Major fail on my part- whoops. ☘️☘️
#duet with @bobsaget #sweetbutpsycho I went thru his TikToks today for the first time. It was so cute how much he loved making them. He was so dedicated 🥹🥹 so happy to have all these memories
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