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Resist Protein Bars


🍫V, GF, Keto🌱 Clinically-backed protein bars for hormone + blood sugar balance

#greenscreen if you’re dealing with gut disruption, hormonal imbalances or blood sugar crashes after eating your snack, take a look at the ingredients are use. Too many “health food” products use artificial and disruptive ingredients which negatively impact your health! #taylorswift #proteinbar #hormonalimbalances #howtofixpcosweightgain
#greenscreen in in honor of Taylor Swift tell those artificial ingredient filled protein bars that we are “never ever getting back together“! Ditch those hormone disruptive bars for something that will support your jormones and keep your blood sugar stable! #p#proteinbar t#taylorswift h#hormonehealth g#glucosegoddess
#stitch with @ we are almost CERTAIN! she would love a breakfast that’ll help keep her blood sugar balanced and her hormones hapoy! We always love a savory breakfast to prevent a blood sugar spike and something that’s filled with protein & fiber to support hormones! #homecoming #highproteinmeals #breakfastideas #hormonebalancing
#greenscreen i feel tricked!!! If you actually read the nutrition, facts and ingredients of these bars, they’re pretty low in fiber and full of harmful ingredients. The word fiber is in the name. Meanwhile, there is such a small amount of fiber, especially compared to a Resist Bar!! #highfiber #pcosdiet #guthealth #hormonalhealth
#Meme PCOS comes with a lot of unwanted symptoms that can make you feel horrible. Through trial and error we’ve sound many things that work for us but it always a reminder that what works for someone may not work for others. One of the biggest focuses that has helped us is shifting our diet to include. Hi pro Tien, high-fiber and healthy fats! #proteinbar #pcosdiet #pcos #hormonehealthyrecipe
#CapCut we are totally obsessed and in love with these high protein nutrition bars designed to support hormone and blood sugar health! They’re perfect for on the go and adding extra protein and fiber to your day! #highprotrinrecipes #foodsforhormonalbalance #hormonehealthtiktok #functionalfoods
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