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I've decided to test the waters... 🌊

Very carefully, mind you.

My dream is to be able to travel where I want when I want.

This is my daily manifestation, my daily mantra.

As I love Portugal, I spontaneously decided I was going to dive in and get a taste of what it might be like to live there.

So, on Sunday, my impulsive ADHD butt, booked an AirB&B, flight and a rental car and will stay in Portimão, Portugal for a whole month. 🙀

Portugal has been my dream country for a while now, some of you may know that about me, some not.

I actually speak a bit of Portuguese. 😉

Why Portugal? Small story....

Dancing is my passion. About 9 years ago, I started dancing Forró, a Brazilian couple's dance.

At one point, I decided I wanted to learn Portuguese to know what the songs I was dancing to actually meant.

Most were about love, go figure. ❤️

The first time I was in Portugal, I attended a dance event in Lisbon.

Consequently, I fell in love. With Lisbon. Its sunny weather, beautiful landscapes, lovely people, and delicious food swept me off my feet.

The next time around, I took my kids on a vacation to Casçais (about 1-hour train ride to Lisbon) and fell in love all over again. 💘

Last year, I visited Algarve (down south), meeting up with a dear Irish friend of mine where I (yet again), fell in love. No matter where I seem to visit, I always LOVE it. 😍

So, on 8 October, I'm going again... this time for a month. This is how manifestation works.

You dream about it, you visualize it, and you TAKE ACTION.

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Bisou #britishshorthair purrs so loudly….
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