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Dumb Tax


Author of Book Dumb Tax: Find Your Why For Hiring



Hello Friends join me as I sit down with Pam Torrey from Ingage. To discuss how to create your IN-Home Sales Tool Box. See you on March 21st at 2pm EST. This is going to be awesome.

Every sales leader wants to give their reps the tools they need to succeed. But with so many tools on the market and advice coming from every direction, how can you make the best decision possible for your
#hiring team? Join Ingage as we ask Dustin Rhoades, sales leader from Dreamstyle Remodeling and author of Dumb Tax, “Find Your Why For Hiring” the questions you need answered. We’ll cover the essential tools you need to give your reps, how to implement them and most importantly, how to make sure your team is actually using them. Reserve your spot now for our conversation on Tuesday, March 21st at 2pm EDT.

Webinar Registration Link:

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