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Skin flooding involves layering skincare i.e. serum, lotion, cream, ointment ala K-beauty multi-step skincare routine style whereas the concept of skin streaming refers to just sticking to a “streamlined” as-needed philosophy for your daily regimen.

Practically speaking, these trends make no material impact on what dermatologists actually recommend, based on the core principles of:

Choosing efficient skincare actives i.e. cosmeceuticals backed by evidence based medicine
Not exposing your skin to unnecessary, multiple irritating actives, applicable in the context of acids such as AHAs, BHAs, retinols, retinoids which can cause skin sensitisation
Respecting the skin barrier overall

How do you carry out skin streaming?
That being said, I feel the concept of skin streaming is most relevant for those who are relatively new to complex skincare regimens and may be confused about where to begin in the first place.

Here is my cheat sheet for the 3 skin types dermatologists generally encounter:

Acne-prone, oily skin
Normal/combination skin
Dry/sensitive skin
First up: here’s a quick test for you to determine which skin type your skin belongs to:

Wash your face with your usual cleanser, preferably one that is gentle and dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin types
Dry your skin by patting it with a soft towel
20-30 minutes later, have a feel of your skin, or if you prefer, use a piece of tissue/blotting paper
If only your forehead, nose and chin i.e. T-zone, feels greasy, you have combination skin. If your entire face feels oily, you have oily skin. Lastly, if your skin feels dry all over you have dry skin.

Acne-prone, oily skin
In the case of oily skin, an effective skincare approach helps to

Relieve skin discomfort (sensation of oiliness)
Improve high shine complexions i.e. mattifying effect
Reduce oxidative stress caused by excess oil production that leads to accelerated aging
Reduce inflammation that causes acne bumps

Full guide 👆🏻
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SG Dermatology Pharmacy

The virtual dermatologist teleconsultation service is suitable for those suffering from common skin conditions such as acne, eczema, perioral dermatitis, aging concerns and hair loss. Consult our dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin in the comfort of your home and have your medications/creams/skincare delivered to your doorstep by our concierge service.

Why Choose Us
Experienced dermatologist with over 10 years of clinical practice
Expert in the skin microbiome, acne and maskne, published original research in top dermatology journals*
Integrated skincare pharmacy skincare range formulated by Dr.Teo for universal skin types, especially troubled skin
Cosmeceutical R/D Headquarters in Seoul
Integrated treatment options with non-prescription botanical actives
Non-oral medication options include medical grade BLUE light therapy for home use and comprehensive skincare regimen for long term maintenance
Holistic, Attentive Patient Care
Your Virtual Consultation Package Includes:

Dedicated Dermatology Nurse Counseling Sessions Specialising in Acne Care for Teenagers, Adult Hormonal Acne and Acne Scarring
Emphasis on psychological well-being for acne sufferers, coaching on journaling, mindfulness practice for stress relief, minimise skin picking
Diet, Lifestyle, Sleep Hygiene Conseling
Professional Online Video Learning Platform (5 HOURS On-Demand)
Build Your Skincare Regimen
Acne Causes, Treatment
Understanding the Acne Microbiome
Diet for Healthy Skin
Brain-Skin-Gut Connection
Skincare textbooks and lecture notes
Access to Custom Compounding Pharmacy for Botanicals/Herbal Skincare Actives

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