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Dr. Shannyn Pearce DC


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Did you catch my reel yesterday with my list of 5 things your doctor didn't tell you about hormonal birth control?

As promised, here's my top 4 natural birth control alternatives so that you don't have to wreck your hormones and health with hormonal birth control options. When these alternatives are used properly, they are as reliable as hormonal birth control!

#1 Fertility Awareness Method
#2 Daysy Fertility Monitor
#3 Natural/ lamb skin condoms
#4 Copper IUD (this is not a perfect choice for a natural solution, but it's better than other hormonal birth controls)

Do you want to know a lot more? I dug into the topic of hormonal birth control on my Vibrant Health Show last week. Want the link to watch? Comment below and I'll DM it to you. #fam #fertilityawareness #birthcontrol #contraception #iud #thepill #daysyfertilitytracker #lambskin #copperiud #naturalalternatives #naturalsolutions #birthcontrolproblems
Simple Healthy Hormone Tip #1 : Go to bed earlier
The hours you get before midnight dramatically change your hormonal health. Try to get at least two hours of your sleep before midnight.

Simple Healthy Hormone Tip #2 : Go into downward dog daily
There’s a reason this is one of the most popular yoga moves. Anytime you get your heart BELOW your adrenals, you take the stress off your adrenals.

Simple Healthy Hormone Tip #3 : Sleep in a very dark room
You need sleep in a very dark room (block every source of light you can), and commit to shutting down your lights earlier, too. Your body releases melatonin from your pineal gland based on natural light rhythms. #hormones #bedtimeroutine #goodsleep #sleephygiene #hormonehealth #hormonebalance
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