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Mark Hyman, M.D.


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Did you know that when it comes to physical health, grateful people have been found to have fewer aches and pains and take better care of themselves in general? ⁣ Gratitude is also linked to better sleep, with both better sleep quality and duration being linked to a grateful attitude.  This same outlook has been linked to higher levels of self-esteem and it can also help us make new friends: Thanking an acquaintance encourages them to pursue an ongoing relationship with you, as it sends the signal that there is potential for a high-quality relationship to be formed.⁣ ⁣ Dr. Michael Murray discusses why gratitude is one of the most common traits he’s found in people with long lives.  You can listen to the full episode on The Doctor’s Farmacy.  #drmarkhyman #longevity #aging #emotionalhealth #gratitude #gratitudepractice  created by Mark Hyman, M.D. with Mark Hyman, M.D.'s original sound
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