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Dr. Lucky Sekhon


2x Board-Certified OBGYN & Fertility doctor @ RMA of New York

important advice from a fertility doctor who *sees it all*. Whether it’s from the daily convos with patients or from heeding the warnings and life lessons of my female mentors and colleagues in medicine throughout training and even now- busy, hardworking, career-driven, professional women have to balance competing interests ie. attaining professional goals VS. personal goals which are impacted by our time-sensitive biology.

I still remember one of the urogyn fellows turning to me in the OR during a surgery when I was an OBGYN resident, asking me about my plans and saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. I honestly can say that it was the first time I ever thought about fertility planning (I was 28 and single at the time).

I know first hand that when you are busy and focused on killing it, time flies and you can forget to think about yourself, what you want out of life personally and how to get there.

Even as a doctor, I often wonder “if I wasn’t an OBGYN/REI, would I have made it a priority to freeze embryos at age 34?” … the truth is, I probably wouldn’t have. Cut to being 40 now and grateful that I was able to have a back up plan when TTC my 2nd child at 37-38…

Not everyone has to freeze eggs/embryos- this is not about that. My message is- think about what you want and make a road map. Maybe this means using contraception so you can AVOID an unplanned pregnancy that would interrupt or hinder your professional goals. Maybe it means fertility preservation. Or maybe it is making a thoughtful informed decision about whether you want to have children at all.

Whatever you want out of life, take the TIME to think about it NOW. Goals, achievements, deadlines, and external pressures will always be there. Carve out time to have the conversation, take stock in your personal goals, evaluate your options, and make an informed decision rather than letting time slip by and having decisions made for you 💜

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Tik tok needs to create an audio filter for us New Yorkers!
Learn why cycle tracking matters! 👇🏽

I wish I was more diligent about noting when my cycle starts (aka day 1 or the first day of the Last Menstrual Period (LMP))- but I will admit it often slips my mind!!

There are many benefits to tracking your
#menstrualcycle and how you feel emotionally and physically throughout.

Reasons to keep track of your menstrual cycle:
1. **Fertility Awareness:** Monitoring your #period provides insights into your most fertile days, helping you identify the optimal window for conception if you’re trying to get pregnant.

2. **Health Monitoring:** Irregularities in your cycle length, flow, or symptoms could indicate underlying health issues such as polycystic ovary syndrome #pcos or thyroid problems. Early detection through tracking enables timely medical intervention.

3. **Effective Contraception:** Understanding your cycle enhances the accuracy of natural contraceptive methods, allowing you to avoid unprotected intercourse during your #fertilewindow

4. **Menstrual Health:** Tracking helps you monitor changes in cycle patterns, flow, and symptoms, which aids in recognizing potential concerns such as abnormal bleeding (ie. fibroids, adenomyosis) or painful periods (ie. endometriosis).

5. **Personal Empowerment:** By gaining a deeper understanding of your body’s natural rhythms, you become more in tune with your overall health and wellbeing, enabling informed decisions about fertility, pregnancy planning, and self-care. Cycle synching is a real thing- knowing that in your follicular phase (between menstruation and ovulation) you will have more energy and endurance versus your luteal phase (post ovulation until menstruation) where progesterone can have a relaxing effect on your body (your muscles, joints, nervous/gastrointestinal system etc). This helps people plan what types of work outs to do to optimize and harness their menstrual cycle. Personally, I try to avoid any important deadlines/meetings in the week before my period (due to being more prone to feeling anxious/migraines).

Consistent menstrual cycle tracking empowers women to take control of their #reproductivehealth , optimize #fertility & #ttc , and address potential health issues proactively.
“When is it ‘safe’ to announce my pregnancy?”

There isn’t really a simple answer.
Reaching the milestone of sharing your pregnancy with your family, friends, and the world is a big one - especially if you have struggled to get pregnant and have undergone treatment!

There is no set time to share that you are pregnant. It depends on how comfortable you feel.

From a medical standpoint, most will base it on when they can feel confident the pregnancy is healthy and will continue and result in a live birth. We know that the majority of miscarriages occur in the first trimester. In general, this is 1 in 4 pregnancies - but the likelihood is higher at 38 and older. If you conceived via IVF and the embryo was genetically normal, the risk across the board drops to ~5-10% or less. In general, for all pregnancies- once a fetal heartbeat is beyond 7 wks, the probability of miscarriage is much lower (~10% or less). This is because many of the chromosomal imbalances that lead to miscarriage will not allow for a pregnancy to get to that point.

At the end of the 1st tri, genetic testing can be done (screening via blood work/ultrasound and/or testing with chorionic villus sampling (CVS)). If normal + fetal growth and the heart rate continues to look good - many will feel comfortable with revealing that they are pregnant.

Some people wait til they can do an amniocentesis (another form of testing) in the 2nd tri. Even if genetic testing is normal, this does not exclude issues like birth defects (which can occur generally in any pregnancy 2-3%). Birth defects or problems with internal organ development can be detected on an anatomy ultrasound scan from 18-22 weeks.

Most people begin to ‘show’ and look pregnant at ~20+ weeks, so this is usually the latest that people will share.

Whenever you choose to share, just remember to be sensitive and to think about the audience receiving the message. You never know what people are going through. Also, you should never feel pressured to share your news earlier than you are comfortable. Do what feels right for you!

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DHEA is a popular fertility supplement- but is it worth the hype? The answer is “we don’t have good data to prove it helps” - a lot of the data that has encouraged its use is based on mice studies or human studies that are small (20-50 patients) without randomization or a proper control group to compare outcomes. There are potential adverse outcomes and side effects to know about. Most of the data on DHEA comes from a handful of the same authors and investigators- many who themselves sell supplements so that is a bias/conflict of interest to take into account as well.

It is hard and complicated out here in the world of “we don’t know” when it comes to your fertility. But it is ok to say when we don’t know and don’t have good data to back certain things up.

It is always important to weigh the potential benefits (if the studies reliably show there is a benefit) against potential downsides and risks, and the physical and financial burden of certain interventions.

Always talk to your doctor about starting any supplements. Supplements are not regulated, can have varying potency and can interact with medications and can aggravate certain medical problems. Do not assume “herbal” or “all natural” supplements cannot have medicinal properties!

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