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Dr Kat ND


Thyroid specialist - Functional naturopathic, medicine, Healthcare with Heart



@quantumlighthealthcare ms. AOC 88. Thank you Amy for the great question! She asks can a family medicine doctor order the thyroid tests or should a functional medicine doctor order them in the answer is a family doctor can order the tests and they may not have the training to functionally interpret them, so if you run into that problem you can second opinion or consult with me and I can point you in the right direction. Also patients in many states can order their own lab tests so if you wanna do that connect with me and I’ll show you how to do that and then if you need help interpreting I can help you with it. Great question! Being your own health advocate is so important, and I’m happy to help folks get educated on how to do that for themselves. Big love to you all. Have a great day! ❤️
@quantumlighthealthcare @DRKATND.com thyroid tips for getting properly assessed for potential thyroid disease, ask your doctor to order a TSH, free, T4, free, T3, thyroid, antibodies, and reverse T3. If your TSH is greater than 2.5 you have borderline hypothyroidism and if you’re free, T3 is less than 3.0 you have functional hypothyroidism. You definitely need to check your reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies at that point for sure and if you need a second opinion, let me know I’ll be happy to Send you in the right direction so you don’t have to suffer anymore! I offer free thyroid strategy consults At my website DrKatND.com #Th#ThyroidWarrior y#HyperThyroid h#ChronicFatigue y#HyperThyroid h#ChronicPain i#Fibromyalgia u#NutritionalDeficiencies o#ColdLaserTherapy d#AdrenalFatigue x#Exhaustion u#BurnoutRecovery #HealingBurnOut e#Seattle #EdmondsWashington #Edmondswa d#EdmondsDowntown #Bellevuewashington e#KenmoreWashington #Bothellwashington i#Kirklandwashington h#Shorelinewashington u#Mukilteowashington v#Everettwashington i#Millcreekwashington e#BellevueWashington a#MarysvilleWashington i#Cincinnati o#NorthernKentucky o#NorthbendWashington
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