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Dr. Jolene Brighten


Hormone doc Author: Is This Normal Latina Mom, Speaker🏳️‍🌈 Hormone Solutions⬇️



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Hormones can be why you feel the way you do, but when it comes to the research on women, it shows us that it can be a lot more complicated. #cortisol #oxytocin #oxytocinrelease #oxytocinboost #hormonehealth #womenshealth #whatwomenwant #whatwomenreallywant #latinaauthors #isthisnormalbook  created by Dr. Jolene Brighten with Dr. Jolene Brighten’s original sound
Replying to @Dr. Jolene Brighten Your hormone issues pre-pill can tell you so much about where you should focus post-pill.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, even if it means a provider’s ego gets hurt: if your provider’s only solution was to put you on the pill then they might not be able to help if you want options.

That doesn’t make them a bad provider.
It does mean you gotta find someone else.

This video is a series. You have 2 others to go watch.

Comment below and let me know, has this been helpful?

#beyondthepill #birthcontrolpills #birthcontrolpills #thepill #hormonehealth #pcos #pcosawareness #pcoshealth
Replying to @Dr. Jolene Brighten Nutrients the Pill Depletes + Foods to Eat:

🥬Vitamin E: nuts, seeds, leafy greens
🌶️Vitamin C: bell peppers, leafy greens, citrus fruit, berries
🥩B Vitamins: Eggs, meat, seafood, leafy greens
🎣Selenium: Fish, beef, leafy greens, Brazil nuts
🦪Zinc: Seafood, oysters, beef, beans, nuts
🍫Magnesium: Leafy greens, beans, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds

The pill changes the nutritional requirements in your diet. Friend, you have to make it more nutrient dense.

And since none of us are perfect at this, I recommend adding in a multivitamin or prenatal.

In fact, there’s been studies out for years that have advised providers to recommend supplements as a first-line approach to prevent issues in nutrient status. Here’s one: PMID 23842908

But it’s rare any doctor counsels nutrition, let alone talk about it in context of using the pill.

If you’re on the pill, I want you successful, taking care of your body, and minimizing side effects. It’s your choice to take it and it’s a provider’s job to support you in that decision.

If you want to come off, there are steps you can take to support yourself.

Some people won’t have any issue stopping. But there are lot of people who do…and are unfortunately told to go back on because they aren’t given options or completely gaslit about their experience.

Now I want to know, of the foods listed, which are your favorites?

#n#nutritiontips h#healthyfood b#birthcontrolpills b#birthcontrolproblems b#beyondthepill h#hormonas hormonehealth
Replying to @haynes.my.way Is This Normal has what you need to optimize hormone health—cyclical hormones, thyroid, adrenals, insulin. Ditch the unwanted period problems + get the facts on what can help & hinder your seggs life. #isthisnormalbook #hormonehealth #hormonebalance #healthyliving #booktok #greenscreen
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