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Drinks with Mandy


Bringing you facts that make drinks more fun 🍻 Cup Noodles Pairings ⬇️⬇️

Earlier this year Mystic Farm and Distillery in North Carolina began taking preorders for their “space-aged” whiskey.

Part of the appeal of the ultra-luxury priced bourbon ($75,000 dollars) is that no one knows what whiskey aged in space will taste like…but we do have some hints!

@ardbeg conducted an experiment on the International Space Station to aged their whisky mixed with oak chips in space for three years while identical samples aged on the ground. 🥃

Once the booze returned from orbit, it was extensively tested by both machine and human taste panels to identify the impact mincrogravity conditions have on whisky flavor. Turns out it is a big impact!

Nearly every human tester was able to identify the odd whisky out in triangle tests. Then, lab results showed fewer oak compounds where absorbed into the whisky in space. One of my favorite quotes from the experiment comes from Ardbeg’s director of distilling at the time Dr Bill Lumsden. He said, “When I nosed and tasted the space samples, it became clear that much more of Ardbeg’s smoky, phenolic character shone through - to reveal a different set of smoky flavours which I have not encountered here on earth before.” ✨

There are more experiments focused on whiskey, red wine, and beer that have since boarded the ISS - we’ll have to wait and see what they reveal about space flavor!

So, how bad do you want to taste flavors not encountered here 🚀on Earth🚀 before? Or do you care to try them at all?

#whiskey #singlemalt #drinkstagram #spacetravel #nasa #bourbon #wset
A little about & COFFEE & flavor! If you like "strong" coffee, what kind of roast should you order?? ☕️☕️
The roasting process changes the flavors, shapes, and of course aromas of the coffee bean. Do you know how different roasts change flavor and caffeine content?

Hidden in here is a little
#coffee myth busting fact too 💥

Do you drink coffee for the taste or the caffine?

In my book HOW TO TASTE I talk to professional coffee roasters, Q Graders, and even some competitive coffee tasters
Pick it up anywhere books are sold 📚📚

#barista #coffeeroaster #coffeetok #til
Beer Myth Busting * for #internationalbeerday
Are dark beers stronger than pale ones? Why was the IPA created? Are lagers always cold and flavorless?! You're about to find out!!

After studying beer for close to a decade and achieving my
Advanced Cicerone these are some of the myths and assumptions I've heard the most. What other beer myths are out there?! 👀👀

#cicerone #mythbusters #drinktok #til #brewery
Grappa Cocktail Time 💃 The first ever Grappa competition in the USthis week was a blast! It was inspiring to see ELEVEN bartenders put themselves out there and get creative with Grappa 🍇

As one of the judges I got to try all their drinks incorporating Grappa and it made me want to try one at home. The VE.N.TO is the only IBA cocktail that’s grappa based, so it seems like a good place to start. And here’s how to make it (I did make two drinks if the pours in the video look a little large 😉)

0.5oz Lemon Juice
0.25oz Honey Syrup
0.25oz Chamomile Liqueur (Sub Elderflower if you can’t find it!)
1.5oz White Grappa (the smoother and sweeter the better!)
~0.25oz egg white (depending on how much froth you want, I went with less)

•Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker
•Shake with ice just until chilled
•Strain out ice and shake again dry (this is to froth your egg white)
•Strain into your glass of choice! The IBA suggests a chilled tumbler with ice, but I like mine in a Nick and Nora glass 🍸
•Garnish with a few white grapes

The sweetness of the honey syrup and liqueur do a great job balancing the intensity of grappa in this cocktail. A little lemon for brightness. Plus the floral notes of chamomile for interest. And you have a crowd pleasing cocktail that highlights one of the most naturally sustainable spirits on the planet 🌍

Try it and tell me what you think!

#hellograppa #cocktailcompetition #authenticspirit #enjoyitsfromeurope #grappa #recipe #cocktailrecipes
#Grappa is a great example of zero waste in action! Using pomace from winemaking grappa is distilled and then blended, aged, or flavored to make a balanced spirit ready for sipping or mixing into cocktails. The master blenders making Grappa in Italy can create all kinds of unique flavor profiles and everyone is a little different. That’s why you need to *taste* it to get to know this sustainable spirit. 🥃
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