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Flyest Tea - Hip-Hop Meets Tea


Your favorite rapper’s favorite tea. Same day shipping Mon-Fri. Maryland made.


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Replying to @ablackwoman Traditionally stinging nettle has been used as a tonic, or general wellness herb for women, startinf with period pain, cramps, etc. But the herb has also been hsed for gout, hay fever, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis. Always talk to your healthcare professional before you begin any herbal regimen. Thanks for your question. #drinkflyest
Replying to @4reAk-4U Sure you could! But you might want to just use a clean empty glass jar with a lid (a mason jar like this one or a cleaned pasta sauce or jelly jar work great too), since the infusion process needs at least 4 hours and most let infusions steep overnight. This way, you can use your french press for other things in the meantime. 😁 Thanks for your question. #drinkflyest
Replying to @John Yea, I sure do. I even drink what’s basically stinging nettle tea. You can eat stinging nettles fresh, of course, you’d cook them like you would any other leafy green veggie (spinach or kale for example). Or you can dry it and drink it as a tea. #drinkflyest
Replying to @VintageinColor I really wish that I knew. In my opinion, being Black American is very cool. Anyone who’s t honest with themselves would say the same. Of course, existing as a Black American is challenging and it’s logical to think, “If I were ___, then life would be better,” you talk a lot about passing. But we also know that denying who you really are doesn’t bring freedom or peace. #drinkflyest
#greenscreen “Health influencers” — I told yall. #drinkflyest
#stitch with @Valese J I know that misogynoir and general anti-Blackness literally cannot be understood - thats how illogical they are. But what is this, honey? #drinkflyest
Replying to @MookieJ843 You’re right. I’m not in a cult. Be well.
Replying to @MookieJ843 Lets bring your skepticism full circle. Black Voodoo practitioners, herbalists, and doctors have deceived those who are ignorant for years - it is why the industry isnt trusted or respected today by the mainstream. Remember that people LIE and will do anything for money. Also - no one who isn’t a medical doctor can make claims of cures. These people use marketing tricks to take your money. They don’t care if you’re well. Neither does the FDA. No one cares but YOU. Go learn herbalism for yourself.
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