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AG1 by Athletic Greens


Whole body health starts here. One scoop. Once a day.


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@Allyson Felix brings the motivation and inspiration we all need in the latest episode of “Starting Blocks,”sharing her experience as an entrepreneur. Watch episode 3 now.

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Let's talk Foundational Nutrition. Dr. Huberman spoke about the basics in our very first episode—which included macronutrients, like proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. But for us at AG, and for @Andrew Huberman , Foundational Nutrition goes beyond just our general macros and getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. It also includes vital nutrients that we are either not able to get from food or that are not bioavailable enough to us in food (think something tough to digest, like raw kale).

That's where AG1 comes in.

We globally source hard-to-get nutrients for potency, absorbability, and nutrient density, synergistically formulating them to amplify each nutrient's effectiveness. We then turn this nutrient blend into a powder, which is the most bioavailable way to ingest them.

Want to try Foundational Nutrition out for yourself? Tap the link in bio to get your AG1.

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