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Dr. Hamedani


Helping Women Overcome Unexplained Infertility and Conceive Naturally.



🔍 Have you ever considered what's in your everyday soap? Could these hidden ingredients play a part in #UnexplainedInfertility? 🤔 #FertilityAwareness #HealthAndWellness When it comes to health and #fertility, every detail matters. From potential endocrine disruptors to substances that might bioaccumulate in our bodies, it's time we had a closer look at what we expose ourselves to daily. #ToxicityAwareness #Allergies Unexplained infertility is complex and often heartbreaking, but by staying informed and making conscious choices, we can take control of our health. 💪 Let's dive deeper and keep the conversation going. #InfertilityAwareness #StayInformed created by Dr. Hamedani with Dr. Hamedani's original sound
🌱 Meet the Evergreen Artemisa, also known as Yinchenhao or Evergreen Spire! This wonder herb, part of the #Compositae family, is a rockstar in #ChineseHerbalMedicine .🍵

We harness the power of its seedlings and spires (15-30g), prized for their bitter, pungent flavor and slightly cold energy.🌬️#HerbalHealing

Their superpower? They excel at removing dampness in the body, specifically targeting the bladder meridian.💧#Detox

The Evergreen Artemisa is known for clearing damp heat, reducing jaundice and even combating acute jaundice-infectious hepatitis.💪#HealthyLiving

Research points to even more health benefits – from liver protection, gallbladder support and jaundice reduction, to promoting liver bile production and bile excretion.🔬#Science

Considered a potent antiviral herb, Evergreen Artemisa also serves as an effective supporting herb in treating liver and gallbladder diseases. #AntiviralHerbs

Join the journey to natural health with Evergreen Artemisa!🌿#WellnessJourney #HerbOfTheDay
Struggling with scanty periods and worried about your fertility? 🤔 Join me in my latest #FertilityJourney clip as we discuss the impact of scanty periods on ovulation and pregnancy chances. 🌿🤰

We also explore how Chinese Medicine can help regulate your menstrual cycle and potentially enhance fertility. You don't want to miss this! 💪 #WomenHealth #ScantyPeriods #ChineseMedicine #HolisticHealth #FertilityAwareness #MenstrualHealth

Remember, every woman's journey is unique. Consult with healthcare professionals for advice tailored to your health needs. Let's empower each other with knowledge, because #HerHealthMatters ! 💖
Optimize #vitaminD levels through herbal medicine, nutrition, and potential supplementation to address deficiencies associated with #unexplainedinfertility .
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