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📣 Let's dive into a crucial topic: #GenerationalWealth 🏦💰

Michele and I have had some deep talks about this lately. We didn't inherit wealth, and our college education? Well, that was on us. No parental help to buy our first home either. But you know what? We're not envious; we're enlightened.

We don't mention this to make anyone feel bad. In fact, many of our friends understand the head start they've had. But it's vital that people of color, like us, start discussing generational wealth openly.

Why? Because where you live impacts your child's school. School quality affects higher education opportunities. Higher education impacts lifelong earnings. And those earnings influence where your children live, shaping their future. 🏠📚💰

Breaking the cycle of poverty is our moral responsibility. So if you have kids and you'd do anything for them, let's get proactive about creating generational wealth. 💪 #BreakTheCycle #WealthForAll #TikTokTalks
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