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Tania @ Drawer Full of Giants


DFoG Business Purpose is to ★ INSPIRE | EQUIP | ENCOURAGE ★ ─⭒─ NZ BASED BIZ



Takes time to sorce products for a #conference with all the juicy #goodiebagsideas I had. We settled on these and on my final day, I handed over a #visial report of what we worked on. created by Tania @ Drawer Full of Giants with Mad Adix, Marc Steinmeier's ALMOST HOME
#stayingawake 23hrs all up, it's amazing I can think about work when I'm completely done, although the shower did help! #workingoverseas #b2b #nzsmallbusiness - Just another #kiwi🥝 working in #ballarat #melbourne .
I started a new business last year, @Tania | Smingles - a club for New Zealand singles to meet one another naturally, we create events, retreats, bring in speakers etc. Everything is face to face, we are not a (online) dating site. Have single friends? Let them know about www.smingles.nz as we spread across NZ. Help get the word out.
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