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Replying to @Onboard60-New Tech-Old TikTok PARDON THE POOPY MIC! 😂 The Artist’s Way by Julia Caneron has been helping create such a transformational experience for @Onboard60-New Tech-Old TikTok @Yani & I. We’re each so excited about and surprised at how similar our results are even though we’re all approaching the book differently.

Come share your experience or learn anout the book with us. Links are on the @🏡🌊🪞 HFR 🏡🌊🪞 website. Comment or DM if uou need the link.

#theartistsway #theartistswaychallenge #morningpages #selfhelpbooks #juliacameron #artistcommunity #artcommunity
A verse & beat from 1998 when I went by the name “Blackie Chan” (aka Black Chan)

I’d changed my name from Short Axe after having my first major mental breakdown and leaving Tha Beggas (aka The Beggaz / the Begga Clan) in 1997. We made what we called “Martial Music” back then and it was ingrained in my soul.

After leaving, I needed a new identity but I was still very attached to what I’d learned and loved from the crew founded by my most impactful mentor in music and subsequently, martial arts, Father Lord (aka “Wu Chi” 🙏🏾) who was taken from us by a drunk driver earlier that same year. I didn’t realize until recently how much I broke down over the months after that, largely because I blamed myself for his passing.

I often wonder what my story would have been if I was mentally healthy back then. The bars and beats showed promise but my belief in myself was nearly nil. That’s one of the reasons I work so hard to encourage and support others through
@🏡🌊🪞 HFR 🏡🌊🪞 with my miracle wife @Yani . Shit. I was doing it back then because this song also featured my cousin who I was introducing to rhyming on a mic.

Too many of us don’t realize how much potential power we have within. Too many of us don’t have supportive friends and family to build us up when we need it so we can find out. Without realizing it, a huge part of my life’s mission has been supporting artists SINCE the 90s.

🙏🏾 @deMond dUshawn for the reminder &
encouraging words. Your support since @GRYSKLL day 1 has been unexplainably critical to me becoming who I am as I walk this path to reinvention through introspection, accountability and most of all love. Love for people and art.

Because of you, I dropped my favorite bucket list item, ATD.

“A Tension Deficit” debut think piece sold with limited edition commemorative fine art including a giant one of a kind piece available only on our website. Get your piece packaged with the DELUXE EP now. DM or comment for the link

#mondaymotivation #mondaymusic #behindthemusic #unsung #motivationmonday #martialmusic #martialarts
Family! @Yani & I are now hosting weekly spaces with @Onboard60 Futurist Counseling .

Come join us and share either your own personal experience with the Artist's Way or your unique journey within the arts. It's a safe space to share your best and your hurts of your creative journey.

You can join us Mondays @ 1pm est on 🐦 (X) or on zoom.

The link is on the homepage of the @🏡🌊🪞 HFR 🏡🌊🪞 website. We hope to hear from you!

In the meantkme, how are you ACTUALLY doing? We want to know and support you.

Comment below or DM us

#houseoffluidreflections #Onboard60 #theartistsway #theartistswaychallenge #morningpages
So things got hectic in July and we didn’t get to dive into and release more of the incredibly fulfilling conversation we had with one of the roots of GRYSKLL, @egreen965 .

5 out of the original 6 GRYSKLL founders met through Erv’s podcast with King Killa & Curt G, @hiphopdigestshow.

We also grew closer through another podcast Erv cohosted with @cookbookthepr @Nestothebestyo @Kingductor and Erv’s son Adonis of @247 Live Culture who just premiered the film, which we’re all excited about named “LA Undercover”. The hosts of Felipe’s Garage are all continuing to create incredible paths for themselves and you should tap in with each of them along with The Hip Hop Digest Show.

I also found it funny that as I was editing this snippet, we have a mention of The Expendables, which happens to be dropping a new episode in the series today.

#gryskll #felipesgarage #hiphopdigestshow #theexpendables4 #expendables4 #expendables #laundercover
Want to get a stringer connection to your creative self? The Artist’s Way is one of the tools @Yani found that’s been helping us tremendously.

Thanks to @Onboard60 Futurist Counseling we get to discuss what we’re learning and how were evolving thanks to the book. Being able to relate and compare notes has made it much more….more.

Whether you’re reading the book or not, come hang out for some engaging conversations on a spiritual parh to higher creativity.

#theartistsway #theartistswaychallenge #morningpagesjournal #morningpagesjournalinghealingtrauma #morningpage
”She Rose”
I’ve known a LOT of strong women and have immensely appreciated what I’ve learned from them in my time. My wife, in particular, has probably taught me more than any other aside from my mother.

@Yani has helped me understand the degrees to which patriarchy has been programmed into us. That’s a lesson I was extremely resistant to when it came to how women present themselves in public because of what I allowed other men around my age to teach me when I was young.

I learned to look at women more like objects (and subconsciously as property) than fully equal entities with a different power set than those we men are trained to believe are “more” in some sense. Because of brawn and broken connections to our spiritual and emotional centers, many of us lose sight of the strengths women have that actually make us more powerful when we connect and combine through love.

I’m rewiring & rewriting my mindset because I was sickened by society and my egos wouldn’t allow me to see that. Our egos try to protect us from the insecurities of the unknown and mine was secretly securing what I thought was my stability.

Yani introduced me to @Dr Joe Dispenza who has some powerful ideas about how memories work in “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and I can’t wait to explore them deeper. You’ll see how in something we’re developing as a new offering from @🏡🌊🪞 HFR 🏡🌊🪞 .

Subscribe for free on our website to find out first and to receive other news & updates.

Also, don’t forget to book a session with the woman who taught me how to work this camera right, Yani. She’s hosting special Self Love Photography Experiences for the next month. You can book with just her behind the shutter and you can also add me on BTS as a second shooter if you’d like. Comment below or DM for booking info.

Thank you again Ashiee for booking with Yani yesterday!🙏🏾

#drjoedispenza #breakingthehabitofbeingyourself #patriarchy #menarefrommarswomenarefromvenus #blacklove #artcouple #artisticphotography #dmvphotographer #dmvphotographers #dmvphotography #dmvartists #dmvart #blackgirlmagic #blackwomenrock #blackwomen #selflove #selflovephotography
You eating right? We’ve been working on our diets as much as we’ve been working on building @🏡🌊🪞 HFR 🏡🌊🪞 & @GRYSKLL .

I want to make AND film @Yani ’s freestyle stuffed peppers again. We made these on a little lover’s getaway to Annapolis, MD in the spring of 2022.

More of this coming with something extra special that HFR is cooking up on the creative wellness tip. Subscribe on our website for updates.

Also, don’t forget:

“A Tension Deficit” debut think piece sold with limited edition commemorative fine art including a giant one of a kind piece available only on our website. Get your piece packaged with the DELUXE EP now. Check the comments for the L Y N C

#plantbasedmealprep #plantbasedfoodideas #healthyfoodinspo #foodporn #blackfoodiefinder
#duet with @Bill Munro
“A Tension Deficit” available now at gryskll.bandcamp.com #adhdandshame #add #adultadhd #adultautism
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