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Dr K. P. George


#1 Amazon Bestselling Author OUR VERY GREEK EASTER Find my books on Amazon

🌟 What if all the grown-ups stayed glued to their phones and didn’t pay attention to the world around them? Landmarks rebel because no one notices them anymore.  And who do you think still sees the magic in the world? Children, of course! They're the ones who restore the world's order, but only after teaching adults a lesson. ​​​​​​​ Together, they'll remind us of the beauty surrounding us and the importance of family time. The landmarks couldn't be happier! * A funny rhyming story perfect for children from 5 years old, although younger and older kids can still appreciate the stunning illustrations. * A valuable resource for teachers to make geography fun and address important issues. Find 'Landmarks On The Move' on Amazon #childrensbook #unplugged #family #christmasgift #booktok #newbooklaunch #travel #landmarksonthemove #landmarks # created by Dr K. P. George with Draganov89’s Epic Music(863502)
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