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DR3 Fastpitch: Coach D Rubin


🥎Training Softballers World Wide 🥎Insta: @dr3fastpitch 🥎Contact via Website⬇️


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Working on transitioning from slower pitching to quicker pitching 🥎 Also educating my girls on how to read the ball/spin the second it leaves my hand. 💯 #throwback @gaimpactcarver

As hitters, we need to understand different spins so we have a better approach in the box and adjust to each pitcher.

Pitchers need to understand hitting as much as hitters need to understand pitching! Who is going to outsmart the other??? Who is going to win the battle???

Have a competitive advantage and #LEVELUP your Game IQ 💯🔥🥎

I’d love to help guide you through Online Mental Training Sessions & my Online Pitching Membetship 😉 Available for players, parents, & coaches. I’d be happy to teach you more about spins & what we focused on at the D1 Level when it comes to analyzing pitchers & hitters 👀🔥💯

Pop Quiz:

1️⃣ Batter in the front of the box, on top of the plate, dry cuts On Deck she is dropping her back shoulder & lunging forward slightly…. What type of SPIN is the best to attack her with & why? 2️⃣What location would work best: Inside or outside & why?

🥎Subscribe to dr3fastpitch.com🥎

#DeepBreath #NextPitch #LEVELUP
It’s time to #LEVELUP your at home training & I have all the resources for you 🥎 Take a look at my Online Pitching Membership, 3 day free trial sale is extended 💯🔥💪🏽

dr3fastpitch.com➡️DR3FastpitchU➡️Pitching 201: Online Pitching Membership

#DeepBreath #NextPitch #LEVELUP

One of my favorite tools, @groundforcesports Queen of the Hill! Use discount code “DR3” 🥎 Perfect for ground force and front side resistance training for pitchers & hitters 🔥🔥🔥
5 drills to help with rhythm, release, & whip 🥎

To learn more about the SIX ABSOLUTES of pitching to increase velocity and accuracy, check out my Online Pitching Membership 2.0 💯 3 Day Free Trial sale extended!!! It’s time to
#LEVELUP your at home training this fall & I have the resources & accountability for you 🥎❤️🔥💪🏽


Dr3fastpitch.com ➡️ DR3FastpitchU ➡️ Pitching 201: Online Pitching Membership to learn about everything that’s included 💯🥎🔥💪🏽

Discounts offered for siblings/teams/organizations 💯

#DeepBreath #NextPitch #LEVELUP
Game-changing Virtual Group Sessions featuring Utah’s phenomenal Twisters 16u Pitching Staff! 🥎🫶🏽💯

These four exceptional athletes are part of my exclusive Online Pitching Membership, where they embrace structured practice plans, engage in a supportive community, and receive personalized 1:1 virtual sessions outside of these team sessions!

Coach Shane, kudos to you for making these sessions part of your team practice routine!

These girls are like
#SPONGES , absorbing knowledge and adjusting at lightning speed! I’m thrilled to collaborate with pitching staffs from across the nation & worked with over 1200 pitchers world wide since 2020 🇺🇸.

Looking to bring STRUCTURE to your team’s pitching practice? Explore our Online Pitching Membership now! Special discounts available for groups of 4 or more pitchers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your game! 👀🥎🔥💪🏽

dr3fastpitch.com ➡️ DR3FastpitchU ➡️ Pitching 201: Online Pitching Membership

#LEVELUP #DeepBreath #NextPitch
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