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Sofia Adams


Naturopathic doctor 👩‍⚕️ Farmer & gardener 👩‍🌾 linktr.ee/valeofhealth

The next time someone tells you there is no research backing homeopathy….  Here is a list of HUNDREDS of RANDOMIZED controlled clinical homeopathic trials 😍 #homeopathy #research #trustthescience #goodmorning #nature #remedy #nd #naturopath #pubmed #holistichealth #holistic #wellness #health  created by Sofia Adams with The Office’s Michael _ dont lie to me
The data speaks for itself! 🤓 Over the years, I have implemented the modalities and items I recommend for my clients on myself to feel first hand how they make my body respond.

I noticed over the past year I have had fluctuations in my sleep — some weeks great, others not— and I track all of this with a Garmin sleep tracking device.
I’ve taken Coffea cruda homeopathic remedy… so helpful (see previous posts for more details on that remedy), but I wanted to try something new that I hadn’t tried on myself before…

Last week I started having major difficulty falling asleep; racing thoughts keeping me awake and deep dwelling on things that have no reason to be dwelled upon.

Bach White Chestnut is one of the 38 Bach remedies that is noted for calming the mind, creating tranquility, and being more constructive with one’s thoughts.

Since starting this remedy, my dreams have entered a realm I had no idea my dreams could endeavor. I’ve always had multiple dreams a night, some good, some bad, but NEVER have I had dreams where I create solutions to things in my life to the point I wake up and I feel fulfilled.

As my sleep tracking data shows, this is a 1 week difference— my deep sleep is longer, my respirations have calmed down, and I have less movement throughout the night 😴

If you have difficulty sleeping, have insomnia, or want more information about these natural remedies, message me and I would love to chat more about all the natural options out there for you! 🙏🏻

Another interesting thought… when does White Chestnut bloom?? End of May-early June… how ironic my body was craving the frequency of this flower to help me heal 🤯

#sleep #sleeptips #insomnia #bach #bachflowerremedies #bachflower #higherfrequency #higherfrequencyliving #sleepsupport #sleepbetter #nature #naturaloptions #naturaloptionsthatwork #data #scienceathome
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