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Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD


Triple board-certified Dermatologist, Internist, Dermatopathologist DM on IG




Tips from my Japanese mom

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Yes, that's him @Rob  created by Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD with A.G.'s original sound
#ad #SecretDeoPartner As a derm who treats hyperhidrosis daily, I know that increased sweating can be embarrassing and interfere with people’s lives. Secret Clinical antiperspirant is an over-the-counter option that can make a big difference #hyperhidrosis #sweatypits #dermatologist
#duet with @Daily Mail This man is a legend 😍 Even though it's been a couple of months since Hugh Jackman's biopsies and I don't know his results, the point of this video to bring awareness to the prevalence of skin cancer and the importance of sun protection.

May is skin cancer awareness month -- did you know that 20% of Americans get skin cancer at some point in their life? If you're not sure how often to get screened for skin cancer, I would see a derm for a baseline skin check and they can determine how often you need to be seen.

#skincancer #basalcellskincancer #skincancerawareness #skincancerawarenessmonth #hughjackman
#duet with @Abbey Yung When applying sunscreen to the face and neck, make sure you are using 2-3 fingerlengths worth. I like this approach of applying a thing layer by layer so that it absorbs better and potentially looks better.

#sunscreen #skincancer #dermatologist #skintok
#stitch with @Meghan Gallagher Another great throwback tip! Got a wedding or other major event coming up, and running into a pimple or skin emergency? These are treatments that are a short-term fix for special occasions!

#skincareroutine #skincare #dermatologist #wedding

🎥: @bymeghang
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