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What #doctors go through to try and keep their patients in life changing #medications  (and a reason medications cost so much). Listen in… created by dr.lawrencegreen with dr.lawrencegreen's original sound
Looking for a way to #reducewrinkles and fade #sunspots on your face? #Retinols are a popular choice for many people, and for good reason - they really do work! But, it’s important to use them correctly to get the best results.
#Moisturizing advice. Listen in…. #moisturize
Protect your skin from potential harm by performing #selfskinexam regularly. Not sure how to differentiate between flat and raised #moles ?

Check for elevation by feeling the surface. Remember, early detection is key in preventing skin cancer.

Schedule your self-#skinexam today!
For maximum benefits, it's crucial to use #retinol properly. Avoid overdoing it; a small quantity applied to your outer face is all you require.

Remember to steer clear of the under-eye area, as it can cause irritation and won't enhance the effectiveness. Take care of your skin by using retinol wisely!
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