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Windex Trick For Applying Silicone. Apply a small (thin) bead of the area that you want to seal; Spray all surfaces with WINDEX; Tool the silicone into place with your finger, wiping your finger off the excess as you go; Re-spray the area with WINDEX, then tool the area with your finger again. For straight lines use painter's tape, and apply tape on each side of the caulk line. Apply caulking, tool the line, and remove the tape as the caulk is still wet. After applying a fresh coat of Polyurethane or Lacquer, wipe the entire surface down with crunched-up NEWSPAPER. The newspaper will act as super-fine finishing sandpaper, leaving a glossy smooth finish. Getting the more expensive caulking has inhibitors in it to ward off things like bacteria, mold, and fungus.

100% SILICONE sealant is recommended for all interior areas around potable water. (sinks, toilets, backsplashes) Silicone is resistant to many common bacteria. The use of polyurethane-based caulking for the exterior application (windows, siding, and doors) is recommended as it allows for better means of expansion and contraction due to the elements. Mix copper wool before and during application for a pest-free seal. Roofing caulk is a rubberized caulk that can be used to help seal up around the exterior of your roof (satellite dishes, antennas, and vents)Latex-based caulk works well in corners of the home or where the ceiling meets the wall for it can be paintable and will expand and contract with the changing temp. There is a difference between caulk and adhesive or sealant, don't wander blindly in a hardware store, and make sure you get what you need for the right job.

Mold can be a serious issue. When dealing with any fungus it needs two things, moisture, and food. This can be under sinks, around toilets, bathtubs or any place moisture is present. Having a mold specialist to clean and evaluate.
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