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Volunteer-run charity that ships free masks to any Canadian who requests them 😷

CO2 is a useful proxy for how much of others peoples’ air you are rebreathing. For perspective, the CO2 levels outside are approx 440 ppm. The closer the levels are to outside, the less of other peoples’ air you’re rebreathkng.
#maskup and #staysafe everyone!!
STAY SAFE AND #MASKUP . If you can’t afford n95 (or equivalent) masks and are in Canada, head on over to our shop, and request a mask! If you can afford n95 (or equivalent) masks, you can buy them from our store, while simultaneously donating to the cause!
New mask lanyards are awailable on our shop, courtesy of @ScrapScrunchieShop !!! You can buy them at buymask.ca, along with all of our orher products!
I was expecting applause… #WEARYOURMASKPLEASE If you need masks or COVID rapid tests, you can request them from our store by filling out the form, or you can by them directly from our store, while simultaneously donating to our cause!#staysafeoutthere #c ovidisstillathing
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