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Dona Maria


That’s the real account for the singer/songwriter youtube.com/@donamariaDM

#Warming up my #voice while #singing my 1st 2 releases #Puedo #Olvidar and #No #Quiero 💛🖤❤️ while usually I practice daily at least 2 hours #vocals and 1 hour #dancingwiththestars stretching ... and the rest of my day I swim #sleep let my 5 years old #boy #son be active in practice and useful learning musical things. Oh, and most of my songs comes out while I'm driving going somewhere and some of it comes when I'm trying to have some rest/sleep. 🙂 so let me tell you something being an artist isn't comfortable, but we work triple than you do 😉 and above all we work hard to stay in a good look/shape etc...
#sundayfunday why I was laughing? Because while walking towards my table In the restaurant today I heard them
Playing my latest Hit #Faces that’s why I felt so happy!!💚 #donamaria
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