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Dominiquea Nogueira


fashion designer | ugc creator https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B3F4RVHL

Primeira corrida utilizando os carros autônomos da @Waymo 🚗

Agora em São Francisco, CA você pode optar por carros autônomos (sem motorista) como opção de transporte.
O aplicativo funciona basicamente como o do Uber, a única diferença é que você destrava a porta do carro utilizando o app.
Os preços também são similares.

A experiência foi bem interessante e agradável.

Waymo está disponível em São Francisco, Phoenix e em fase de testes em Los Angeles.

E aí, pegaria uma carona nesses carros?

#waymo #carroautônomo #sanfrancisco #technology
Elevate your eye makeup game with @maccosmeticsusa 👁️✨✨
Who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with glitter so when MAC Cosmetics send me these three products that are perfect for your #eyelighter makeup look I was so excited! 💓💓✨

#eyelighter #maccosmetics #macmakeup #ugc #prpackage
Full face of @Lancôme 💓✨
To complement my look I chose the new Lancôme Idôle Now parfum, a rich and bold fragrance that brings the brightness of florals and the warmth from the vanilla.

#giftedbylancome #lancomexsheika #makeuproutine #lancomeidole
#apothekegiftedme Getting the weekend vibes with the new @Apotheke black cypress candle 💚
The combination of balsam fir, bayberry, and rock rose complement a woody sage undertone to create the essence of a majestic forest in your home!

#apotheke #candles #homedecor
#giftedbyvalentino Valentino and Valentino Beauty are some of my favorite brands.
As a fashion designer I had to attempt to recreate some of my favorites @Valentino runway looks using the @Valentino.Beauty Twin Liner Gel and Liquid Eyeliner 💓
This double-ended liner offers a semi-matte liquid liner and a smooth gel eyeliner and it is so easy to use and long lasting.
Whenever my skin is acting up like this week [with some hormonal acne] I call @111SKIN for the rescue!
I love the Rose Quartz Exfoliating Mask that switches my skin’s natural luminosity and refined the pores for a more radiant complexion.
Like to combine with the eye patches and body oil that smells amazing!

@Community X SEEN
#111skin #111skinsummer #111skinglow #radiantsummer #gifted
Get ready for bed with me and @Cymbiotika 💙
#cymbiotikagiftedme with their Topical Magnesium Oil that helps me with my muscles and joints health and promotes feelings of calmness with a pleasant scent of lavender.
I like to pair with the Magnesium L-Threonate that helps to improve brain health.

#fyp #cymbiotika #sleephealth #magnesium
Wherever I’m traveling my skin changes. A different diet, routine, weather and more always impacts your skin.
So to prevent breakouts I always can count on my
@Solawave Bye Acne device. It uses the combination of red and blue therapy that helps to treat and prevent acne (recommended for mild and moderate acne).
You can find yours on Amazon. Link in bio.
#brandpartner #solawave #acne
My @ogee glow to sleep skincare routine 💤✨
Whenever I do this full routine I feel like I’m in a spa and in the next morning my skin feels so soft and glowing!

Product in order:
1. Exfoliating Cleanser
2. Glacial Clay Detox Mask
3. Hyaluronic Acid
4. Vitamin C (if morning) or Bakuchiol (night)
5. Velvet Botanical Moisturizer
6. Lip Oil

#ogee #beyondcleanbeauty #ogeeglowtosleep
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