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Kc Davis


KC Davis, LPC Author of How to Keep House While Drowning Book, podcast, store πŸ”½


Window of tolerance

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ND-affirming IEP

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Autism & ADHD

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Ruining my house

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Replying to @Indi Jones what is with everyone and deciding psychological concepts just mean whatever they want today? #strugglecare #dogtraining #bullied
Replying to @Rehab Your Rescue honestly, it makes your comments even more concerning and irresponsible #strugglecare #dogtraining #puppytraining #windowoftolerance
Replying to @Rehab Your Rescue you stating that this dog is in a fight or flight and is going to engage and learned helplessness as a result of this shows you dont understand those concepts. Fight or flight as a specific nervous system state it is not the same as any kind of resistance, struggle, or stress. Learned helplessness is a specific concept that has been debunked, but even if it hadnt, its created in situations where a dogs choice makes no difference. You literally cannot learned helplessness in a situation Where are your choices make a difference. #strugglecare #dogtraining
Replying to @πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I probably spoke up verbally four or five times during the entire massage and he was responsive to it but only for that one moment. Sometimes I would OK the pressure but then he would hold at that pressure for so long it became painful. It was just such a weird experience uncomfortable experience ##strugglecare ##mentalhealth ##massagetherapy
#stitch with @Keaton Hendrix sorry #bowling
Replying to @MissyMae6767 We did our first try at a behavioral down today and i think it demonstrates this principle well. Keep in mind I’m not a dog trainer just a dog owner and these videos are not meant to be tutorials they are just documenting our journey ##strugglecare ##mentalhealth ##dogtraining
Replying to @Marielle emotional regulation is an executive functioning skill. #strugglecare #mentalhealth #copingskills #ADHD
Replying to @des.mighty let’s talk about the difference between emotional regulation, coping skills, and masking. Is there really a hard line between the difference between emotional regulation, skills and coping skills? Not really, and its valud to use them differently. but it’s helpful for me to think of things in these terms. #strugglecare #mentalhealth #copingskills #windowoftolerance #nervoussystemregulation
Replying to @Jackie a simple way of thinking about methods to get back into the window of tolerance #strugglecare #mentalhealth #windowoftolerance #nervoussystemregulation #greenscreen
Replying to @Shannon there are lots of great images out there, and for me the best ones also show the learning zone. We don’t have to be afraid of discomfort or being out of our comfort zone. We just need the skills and support to learn to come back to baseline. #strugglecare #mentalhealth #windowoftolerance #nervoussystemregulation
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