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I play drums and like bowties. I’m a doctor in my spare time. Ask me COVID-19 ?s


Explaining Protest Songs

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Got my new updated #COVID and #influenza #vaccines for 2023-2024! Get yours soon! #GetVaccinated #SafeAndEffective The updated COVID vaccine: 1. Upgraded to work vs. XBB1.5  2. Shown to be protective vs. BA.2.86! 3. Covered by most insurance  3a. No insurance? There is coverage under the HHS’s Bridge Access program! 4.Vaccine-mediated immunity is more reliable and safer than infection-mediated immunity (both are “natural”). 5. Side effects are mostly mild 5a. More serious side effects = extremely rare. Questions? Ask!! created by DocWithBowtie with Rascal Flatts's Powerful Stuff
Learn the facts about COVID-19
#duet with @Jonathan Mann LAPD officers arrested 25 ppl during a protest by #SEIU -UHW #nurses in favor of #SafeStaffing and #PatientSafety at #KaiserPermanente . There were…a lot of cops. Glad to see LA tax dollars and all that funding put to…good use? #CivilDisobedience

Thanks for an excellent bop, Jonathan!
Replying to @TheFetchMom Sorry that letting kids relieve themselves in a terrifying situation (that keeps happening despite “protective measures”) is “not a good enough reason.”

Republican politicians love to talk about “hardening schools” but that has not been shown to work. We need #GunSafetyReform #GunViolencePrevention
2nd time #MitchMcConnell has frozen up in public. Politics aside, these are concerning symptoms. Mitch deserves proper treatment and rest, even though he’s worked hard fo block #MedicalCare from his fellow Americans. #Neurology
Someone please tell Vivek #Ramaswamy to find his dignity - pretty sure it’s in tatters on Wednesday’s #GOPDebate stage. #Republicans , please get out of whatever hold the indicted criminal and insurrectionist has on your party so the country can actually make progress. #Libertarians , you’re not any better.
P.S. In the 2 days since I recorded this, it’s come out that he’s apparently never experienced racism in his life (or is it that he only got it from “The Left”? Not sure which). Please show this man the door.
Explaining #Protest Songs to #Conservatives , Pt. 12: “I Won’t Back Down” I was gonna talk about #GWBush using this, but in light of #Trump ’s official arrest and his daughter-in-law posting this #cringe …(back in March, and it got taken down 🤣) this made more sense.
A big topic at the #GOPDebate yesterday was “#abortion right up until the moment of birth.” That’s not a real thing, despite what fearmongering Republicans like to say. #AbortionIsHealthcare #ReproductiveJustice #ReproductiveRights
You know how people talk about the Left brainwashing kids? That’s projection. Ron #DeSantis is literally putting #RightWing #propaganda in kids’ #education requirements, as he tries to teach the “upsides” of #slavery . We cannot learn from the past by #Whitewashing it, and slavery, even at time, was still “a big deal.” We fought multiple wars over it!#greenscreenvideo
No one is putting #LitterBoxes in #schools for “kids who identify as #furries ” though that myth just keeps coming back. The real reason is much, much darker. #GunViolence #GunSafetyReform #shooting #ChildSafety #Lockdown
#onthisday From a year ago. Complicated feelings about #IndependenceDay and what #patriotism actually looks like.
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